Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wind, noise and cooking.

Today we are having beautiful weather, sunny, no wind and not hot. Over the weekend we had winds up to 52 mph. Finally quit Monday afternoon. A couple of times I thought we were going to lose the patio roof. And the plastic still on the new house next door sounded like firecrackers going off as it whipped around.  
It will be warming up again by the weekend and more winds and maybe some rain. 
Both yesterday and today and for several days in the near future there is lots of activity and lots of noise outside. Between the gas company trucks digging up the street and the work on the new home...
I'm glad we don't have a grass yard. Most of the tires and axles are on our property. Also glad we very seldom use the front door. 
It is coming together. Today they are laying wiring and stabilizing the buildings. I wonder if they'd let me paint the utility box - the ugly green thing? Maybe I should ask when we get home in the spring. 
Yesterday we went to Sam's Club for some delicious plums and prosciutto. Then to Wal*Mart for super thin cut round steak. When we got home Bill made up a huge batch of Milanese - he makes a lot so he can freeze it and then get it out for sandwiches or a quick meal. Here is all the meat soaking in his secret recipe. 
Breading it all. Then he fries it. Once it is cooled down he puts it in baggies and freezes it. 

Last time he made it I put it in Food Saver bags and vacuumed packed it. But it seemed to take too much moisture out of the meat and the breading stuck to the bags. 
Had it and potato salad for dinner last night. 
In case everyone thinks he does all the cooking - I do some to - fixed chicken tetrazinni the other night. Forgot how good it tastes. And today I'm fixing corned beef and cabbage. Using things up out of the freezer. 
And for desert tonight we'll have crepes and caramel sauce. Bill made the crepes a while ago. We used to make the caramel sauce by boiling cans of Eagle Brand condensed milk, now we buy cans of it while in Mexico and bring enough home with us to last until we go back. 
We are stuck at home today waiting for a delivery that we have to be here for. For the first time we've ordered Pesos from our bank. Exchange rate is good and they don't charge a transaction fee or for shipping. Now we won't have to wander around Nogales looking for an exchange place. Little by little getting things done so when we decide to hit the road we'll be ready to go. 

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