Monday, October 24, 2016

Rain in the desert!

Wow! Surprise awakening this morning. Rain, lightening and thunder. I knew they said "chance of rain" but really didn't expect quite so much or so much noise.
 After it stopped right over us it was still storming to the southeast. 
Been working on setting up my pattern for a stained glass window for my bathroom. This is the pattern sized to fit the window. It will look kind of like the colored picture of it. Depending on what glass I use for it. I printed two of these large patterns. 
Each and every piece will have to be cut out then transferred to glass. I'll have to be careful how they are placed on the glass as I want the pattern to run a certain way AND I don't want to waste too much glass. Not going to do it until we get home in the spring, but we will be going to the glass store this week so I wanted to make sure I have what I'll need.
This was the sunrise from a couple of days ago. This rain today was proceeded by lots of clouds for the last couple of days. So we've had a couple of nice sunsets and rises. 

This little guy came out right after the rain. He sat in the yard until Bill threw him the carrot. 
 He took a good size chomp out of it. I'm writing this about four hours later and there is not a speck of carrot left out back. 
Went out to run a few errands between rain. So a couple of things to check off the "do before" list. Had a hard time finding strawberry JELLY. All kinds of jam and preserves. Finally saw it on the very top shelf. Had to get a clerk with a ladder to get it down. Also bought a pair of those glasses "As Seen on TV" - the kind you can adjust each side to your eyes. And they work pretty darn good. Might get another pair to keep in the car or RV for when I forget to put mine in my purse. 
The older house next to us that has just been sold was being emptied out by the seller today. And the new house next to us other side was being worked on inside. Lots and lots of traffic around here again. My car can be seen just behind the red pickup as we couldn't get it in the garage when we came home. 
Boy lots of thunder going on again. Raining so hard I can't see the mountains behind us. 

Doing laundry and going to watch NASCAR commentary later. Sure didn't like that race yesterday. If you're going to be in a race - RACE - don't ride around in back all day. I know it was the safest thing to get the cars in the next round but...none of the three JGR drivers were happy about it either. Team orders I guess. So guess we won't be leaving for Mexico until the end of November. We will be on the road though. A vague plan for the next few weeks. 
This will probably change a lot. Depending on when we leave and if we can meet up with our kids and Bill's brother in California. 

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