Sunday, October 30, 2016

Meeting a new friend

Didn't realize it has been so long since I posted. A lot has gone on since then. 
On Thursday evening we had the pleasure to meet one of our long time readers from Canada. He was in town to go to the NHRA Nationals at the Vegas Speedway. He is interested in going to Mexico so we spent a lot of time talking about our experiences there. Very pleasant evening. He brought us a bag of goodies that are available in Canada and not in the US. I am slowly working my way through them. Yummy.
We also found out we have another great granddaughter on the way. She is due in March. So had to pull out my sewing machine again and get busy. I'm using the Sampler quilt squares I had made to make a crib sized quilt. Here it is sewn together with the batting and backing pinned to it reading for basic quilting. 
So the sewing machine, iron and cutting table are all out again the the carpet is full of threads. Today while watching the race I'll do the hand work on the binding. Then will look for some designs to machine quilt on it. 
Don't know if I'll get it done and mailed or not. But I have till March. I did mail the Christmas gifts to our son and daughter-in-law in California and finally the angel to our friend in Indiana. I let UPS pack it I sure hope it gets there okay. 
Been having strange weather here again, more rain and today the winds are supposed to pick up again. 45 mph gusts! There go the pine cones and needles again.
Bill has been working on the Jeep getting it ready to hit the road. 
Our plans have changed again but I not going to write them down. When we leave we leave...We did get our mail box for our mail and a temporary change of address is in with the Post Office. We have enough Pesos for a month of travel etc and enough medications to start our own pharmacy. Good Grief three bags full! But will last until we get home. 
This morning I had to take the pill for my bones. Have to take it with water and cannot have anything else to eat or drink - no coffee - for one hour. Also cannot lay down after taking it for an hour. That is the longest hour! At least there was a pretty sunrise to amuse me a little. 

Our neighborhood has been quiet for a few days, nothing coming or going. Our new neighbors on our right - old home, new owners, are supposed to move in sometime this week. Hope it's not the same time we want to have the RV out front. 
End of the month so time to back up my computers. Think I'll back up and then put everything on to my laptop and stop using my PC. That will be one more thing off the check list. 

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