Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Rain drops and Sunset.

It rained all day Sunday while the people next door, in house that just sold, were moving out. They live in So Calif. The entire I-15 from here to the ocean was having rain. Hope they made it okay. And someone was working removing the skirts from the house on the right side of the street. We thought they were just going to replace them. Turns out the place is going to be moved somewhere...
 Pretty sunset last night. One thing the clouds so well. 

Heard the coyotes yipping out in the desert last night. I like listening to them. 
Spent a good part of today running around on the other side of town. Went to the stained glass shop Glass
Art Studio and visited for a while with our friend Lee, the owner. And got a couple of things I needed. Then we went to the Mail Box place and rented a box for our mail while we are gone. Then stopped to visit with our son and daughter-in-law at their office. Gave them their Christmas quilt and apron. 

Finally picked up the last of our prescriptions for the next 6 months. So can cross a few things off our list today. 
High humidity here today, real unusual. Even had fog in parts of the valley. Weird kind of weather.

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