Thursday, October 27, 2016

Big change in plans.

I mentioned that the other day we went "way across town" to run some errands. It is actually quite a ways - around 10 miles from our home to just beyond The Strip. It was a cloudy overcast and humid day. Haven't taken any pictures of VEGAS lately so thought I would take a couple. Tropicana and Vegas Blvd. 
 The new, this year, hockey arena. Of course there is no hockey team yet...but there will be for next season. Going on the "build it and they will come" idea I guess. The area around it is supposed to be really nice, lots of greenery and art work. We haven't gone to check it out since the hotels started charging $15 for valet parking and almost as much for self parking. Now all the news is about building a new football stadium for the Raiders. And hopefully a couple of billion dollars they too will come. 
Going further west on Tropicana I see the center divider has some new metal plants in it. They look really nice and don't take any maintenance. 
Got a lot of "things needed to do before leaving" checked off our list. And now we aren't leaving! Not for a couple of weeks anyway. We had plans to leave this coming Monday and go to California for a couple of weeks. But things have changed. We'll stay home another couple of weeks then leave. Going straight to the border. 
Much to our surprise the house we thought they were replacing the siding skirt on was getting reading to move. The next day it was ready to go. 
And yesterday it was gone! So in the last year two houses near us have left. And so far two new ones have moved in. 
The one right next door to us. Workers have been doing a lot of work inside it. and some work outside it. All the dirt is still piled on our side of the property line. 

Speaking of property - I am steamed! Remember when they were going around inspecting all the properties for maintenance, painting, trash etc. Well we got a letter from the park yesterday we got dinged because "There is an excessive amount of pine needles and pine cones that need to be removed." WTH. I went out and gathered the 20 pine cones up, put them in a bag and was on my way to the office to dump them on the front desk. Bill caught me and put the bag in the trash.  Are we supposed to run out every day and pick up the cones? As for the pine needles, they are almost impossible to get rid of. They don't come up with a blower, will have to be picked up by hand. And what - every time there is a wind we have to run out and gather them up. My thought is to tell the park to cut down the three pine trees - they belong to them not us. According to their rules they maintain the big trees - well maintain them right out of here. 
I had put everything away in my sewing room for the winter. Now guess I'll drag everything out again. Just found out we will have a new great granddaughter in March - that makes eight great grands.  


Doug and Nancy said...

So why are you staying home longer? Are you headed straight for Mazatlan, I assume?

Barb said...

Can you vacuum the needles up with a canister vacuum and hose?

Ava said...

Hate those nasty letters from the office, I've gotten them too where I live. Mine was to do the weeds, there were TWO!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Easier to be in the house then the RV. Not spend the extra money for gas in California. Besides now I have to make a new quilt.

Carol and Bill said...

I didn't think of that - maybe with Bills shop vac. The problem is we only have rocks in back yard and the blower moves the rocks too so the vac might take them up Will try it later.

Carol and Bill said...

Seems like they just HAD to find something.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like they could rename the arena the Salad Bowl.. LOL