Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Got on the road , we are now in Williams, AZ again.

A couple of videos from our ride up Schnebly Hill. I couldn't hold the camera too steady with all the bouncing around. 

Saw this t-shirt and thought it was approx. for our last ride.  
Beautiful morning in Cottonwood, but plans changed! We are now back in Williams, AZ. The morning sky in Cottonwood. Very pretty. 
So what happened? Well we had to change sites. The one we were going to move to was in the area of the park that is quite crowded, very close to each other and lots of trees. So once we packed up to move we decided to continue on towards home. We will get our money back for the week we paid for.
We are now 100 miles closer to home. Will be staying here in Williams at least until Saturday. Beautiful Passport America Park. Good Internet. Only problem is it is 6500 feet high. 
Here is a neat little trailer that is here in the park. 

Went to McDonalds for lunch. Remember the commercial, “Where’s the beef?” $15 for two #1s. I got more pickles (3 - after I sniched Bills) than beef. - it is less than 1/4 inch thick.   
Started sprinkling just as we finished eating. Lots of black sky up there. Thought we were going to get heavy rain, but it never materialized. Sun came out and it got warm. 
Walked around Williams late afternoon. Neat little town. Really like this mural. He looks like he could step right off the wall. 
Took more pictures but will save them for later. 

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Deborah Bartle said...

Just ran across this post - that's our little trailer!