Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Desert Sunset

Go up early yesterday and walked, ended up the day with a little over 9000 steps. This morning I took a short walk. Got a later start and it was humid out. Dew point of 62 - shades of Indiana.
This was last nights sunset looking out back. 

 And this was looking west from the front yard. The sky really did have that patch of bright yellow. Amazing what sun and clouds can do. 
 Using the panoramic feature on the camera. 
This morning we took the RV into the dealer to get the new awning and a couple of other things fixed that needed taking care of. Bill drove it and I followed. While at a stop light on Boulder Highway I noticed the city had put up a new ArtPot billboard. There are five of them in town but this is the only one I've seen. Kind of weird. I liked the other one better. Of the desert and plants. Click on it and it gets big enough to see. 
Watched a soccer game later in day and that's about it. Bill is still feeling a little under the weather. Still says it's the brownies I made. 
Tomorrow is supposed to be our coolest day - under 100! I'll believe it when I feel it. And we might get rain. That would be nice. 


Phil said...

What model is your new Sony? I always like to check the new features. They have to come up with something to get you to give up the old and buy the new.

Carol and Bill said...

it is the Sony WX220 - there is a newer one that has more bells and whistles but I didn't want to spend over $200. After all I just take pics for pleasure and memories. Very small and easy to use. Takes good low light pictures. And focuses fast so I can use it while roaring down highway.