Monday, August 29, 2016

A walk on the trail

Yesterday was the first day since we got here that it didn’t rain during some part of the day. Not a drop. But lots of humidity, everything is wet through and through and when the sun is out the steam comes up.
First thing today I want to wish our 2nd oldest son a Happy Birthday, he is 56! Where did the years go? And how did they go by so fast. It wasn’t that long ago when I was 56.
This morning there is not a cloud in the sky either. Bill is sleeping in so I took a walk up the trail I started on the other day. This time I went clear to the end - round trip 1.5 miles. Well to where there is a fence saying no trespassing. I surprised myself that I didn't get out of breath going up hill. Guess my walking is helping me. 
 The little bit of mountain WAY in the background is Sedona.
 And more up hill. 
 End of line. State property beyond fence. 
Only wild life I saw were two birds and a butterfly/moth.
Sure was quiet and pretty up there. All kinds of tiny flowering plants growing in the desert. 

 From a distance these look like tiny puffy balls.
 But are really individual flowers. 
Stopped and got gasoline for Jeep this morning. Last week it was 1.99 today it is 2.15. Goes up a whole lot quicker than it comes down. Labor Day weekend gouging or real price raise?

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Phil said...

For a different trip, you might go north on I-17 to Stoneman lake, then a Forest road over to Happy Jack. Somewhere near Happy Jack they have built a large new telescope with the Discovery Channel . I haven't seen it yet, so don't know exactly where it is, but not too bar from the highway. For quickest way home you would have to go back to Flagstff to get I-17.