Friday, August 19, 2016

Little town of Cottonwood, AZ

Had to laugh yesterday morning when we changed the page on the calendar – we have one of those “you might be a redneck if” ones. Yesterday’s said, “you can name more NASCAR drivers than U.S. presidents.” Bill couldn’t wait to wave it under my nose. Worse part of it is I probably could.
Rain again yesterday afternoon.  Here is this area’s weather

And here is the weather for Las Vegas. 97!!!
Before the rain yesterday I took a walk around our area of the campground. Some big trees that are falling over from all the rain. 
And it is really, really green here.
The brown behind the trees is the Verde River. Not too green now – mostly moving really fast and muddy.
I walked a ways up one of the trials that are here. Nice view from up there.
Didn’t go any further as I heard lots of thunder in the not too far distance. The trail was kind of a spur of the moment idea.
When we got up this morning the sun was out but the sky was clouding up fast. We went to Georgie’s for breakfast again.

Our meals, two coffees, one orange juice, I had two eggs, potatoes and toast, Bill had western omelet [said it was very good]  and potatoes and toast. Grand total $14.76. If you are ever in this area this is the place for breakfast and lunch.
As we were pulling back on to the street this man walked by. Haven’t seen a yellow robed monk in a long time. Notice he is barefoot too.
Because there wasn’t enough sun out to make a trip to Sedona worthwhile we drove into Old Town Cottonwood. Cottonwood is a small town of about 20,000.Kind of fun to drive through there. It was still too early for many places to be open. One of the murals there.
And the sign welcoming us to Old Town.
This is The Hippie Emporium - that is really the name of it. Need to go inside next time we go by. Do you suppose they sell “ strange stuff?”
Just an old truck parked in the street. I imagine everyone knows by now that old cars and trucks are a passion of mine. Another thing I’d like to have if I had money to throw away. But again, where would I keep it…Oh well.
Another mural. Haven’t really figure it out yet. Reflections in the water I guess. 
Just a colorful building on one corner. Dragonfly handcrafted local art.
And this is something you don’t expect to see on a city street. Guess his rider wanted a coffee.
Another antique shop and old car.
This used to be a Texaco gas station. Now burger place.
Saw this and couldn’t resist taking a picture. Just a little colorful home along the road. I like the colors, the real flowers and the metal ones by the mail box. Nice people have to live there.
If you really watch you can find all kinds of neat things. A metal horse grazing in the yard.
Another mural
And another mural on the Goodwill Donation Center.
And this one on the side of the laundromat.
On our way back into the campground we extended our stay for another week. With so few sites open we figured we better do it now, just in case. 
Here is the new awning on Arvi. After we get home we are going to get a couple of small window awnings for the dinette and bedroom windows on the driver's side. 
 Early afternoon we went out again. The dark sky in the middle of the photo looks like rain over Sedona. It was coming down hard. 
 All the years we've been coming here we have never taken the road down to the Verde River. We can see it in the campground but the banks are not stable enough to go down to the water. So off we were down a washboard road. Seems like good advice here in the desert. 
 On the way down a cougar and her cub ran across the road in front of us. I was so surprised I didn't take a picture...Made it to the river. Moving fast and really muddy.  Looking down river. 
 Looking up river.
 I did manage to get some pictures of the butterflies though. 
Then we decided to stop at the winery just down the hill from the campground. We went there in 2007 just after they opened and they were very small. What a difference now. 
 Going down the steep dirt road to the vineyards. 
The vines were full of grapes - look like Concords to me, but I don't know for sure and didn't ask. The vines were completely covered with a green mesh. 
 Just a very small portion of the vineyards.
 Behind the main tasting room. Nice set up for parties and tour groups. More vineyards out there too. 
 Had to take a picture of this t-shirt. No didn't buy it, just looked. 
 More grapes.
And then on home 'cause it was NASCAR time. No rain so far this afternoon, but the wind has picked up. 

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