Friday, August 26, 2016


Up early Friday morning = around 6:00. Again heavy gray clouds blocking the sun. Fresh raindrops on the windows. No wonder everything is so green here this year. Don’t think we’ve had one day out of the ten we’ve been here without rain.  Forecast for rain showers in the afternoon.
At 7:05 I looked out the window and saw this. Hardly a cloud in the sky and a big rainbow.
When Bill got up we went out to breakfast and to Wal*Mart then stopped at the Ranger Station and extended our stay for another week. We’ll have to move to a different space but at least won’t have to wonder about being on the road over the Labor Day weekend. Will cost us $99 for the extra week.
Well by 1:00 it was raining again. Rained off and on most of the afternoon. Sun is trying to come out just so it can set.

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