Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mother Nature show over the Vegas desert.

Excuses for not writing - being lazy and doing nothing to write about.  That being said. Mother Nature provided us with another spectacular cloud show over the desert and lake last night. Probably due to the monsoon weather moving through Arizona and Utah. (Saw on the news that there is a big rock slide closing the road into Zion. Weather related. Also some new water falls there due to abundance of rain.) 
The clouds look like a flock of big beaked birds flying north. 
 No comments, just enjoy.

So besides nothing what have we been up to. Well I did finish my summer window hanging. Can't get a decent picture of it hanging but enough to get an idea. Colorful. It is on the sliding glass door to the back yard/patio.
 Here is a better shot of it on the floor. 
 And a closer look at a couple of the squares. 
My next project might be a T-shirt quilt. I sure have a bunch of t-shirts I've picked up from all over. The only problem is I hate to cut some of them up. Even though I don't wear them any more. Especially the Hard Rock Cafe shirts from China and London. And what would I do with the quilt when it is done. Thought about putting it in Arvi [the RV] but wouldn't really want to use it.
The wonderful Mayberry's Maids cleaning ladies came yesterday. Thank you son. They do an excellent job.  We try to stay out of their way when they are working. Both Bill and I were on the computers at the front end of the house when one of the ladies came up to the doorway and said, "Excuse me?"  "Yes?", I replied. "There's a lizard in the bathroom." Hum I think.She repeats a little more nervously, "The big bathroom has a lizard in it!" Okay. I got up and she followed me to the bathroom stopping just at the door. Pointing in she told me, "It's on the other side of the toilet. Between the toilet and the wall." She did not take a step into the room. I went over and checked out the floor. Took me a minute to find it. The whole lizard from tip of nose to tip of tail wasn't an inch long. From the doorway I hear, "I'm afraid of them." I tried to catch the poor little thing without killing it but it was just too small and too fast. So it ended up squished in a piece of toilet paper. I showed her I had it. She took a step back and thanked me and went back into the bathroom to finish her work. I just wonder how it got inside the bathroom. Guess after raising 5 sons not much in the way of natures little creatures scares me. Well except for the wolf spider we found in the basement in Indiana. That was a real shudder maker. 

Heard from RV dealer - he said it won't be ready until next
Thursday or Friday. He called on Monday. To me it means not until next week. Bill thinks he meant today or tomorrow. I claim he would have said "this Thursday or Friday" not "next."We'll get it when we get it. 

Having nice weather for a couple of days 98 - 100. Yesterday was humid though and windy. Again smoke from CA fires and dust from AZ storms. Couldn't see the mountains when we got up, but had cleared up by late afternoon. 
Bill is having trouble with his leg, the one they took the vein out of for the bypass. He says every once in a while it hurts like crazy. Thank goodness it doesn't last more than a day or two. Today it is somewhat better.
Watched a Barcelona soccer game yesterday. Looks like they are getting their cohesiveness back. It was a good game. Everyone playing together smoothly. 
Haven't done any walking the last couple of days, that sun just gets too hot to quick. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Hanging is gorgeous! I was going to do a t-shirt quilt and saved them for years. Then decided it was never going to happen so when we downsized they went to charity.

Carol and Bill said...

I used to have a lot m ore from different places but some time in the past I must have thrown them out. But still have a bunch.