Sunday, August 21, 2016

Cooking meals in Cottonwood, AZ

Stop the presses! I actually cooked breakfast Sunday morning. I truly don’t remember the last time I cooked breakfast. Either Bill cooks, we go out or we just snack. I think it has been years since I did breakfast. Shame on me. I fixed Denver omelet, hash browns and toast. Had to shred the potatoes for the hash browns – after I found the shredder. Used our new “as seen on TV” super-duper titanium pans.
And they do cook nice. I added cheese to the omelet before the eggs and it didn’t stick at all. Might have to try it again someday.
Was going to watch the NASCAR race at 10:00 our time but it was still raining in Bristol. Took a short walk around campground instead. And discovered my hips ached. First time ever, just think I’ve been sitting too much. It’s not that I’m getting older and probably shouldn’t be sitting on my legs while using the computer.
Well 3 1/2hours after the race was supposed to start this morning it is almost ready to begin. And here in AZ the sun has come out, it is a beautiful day – perfect for photos. But by time race is over it will be late. At least we got to watch the soccer game that would have been the same time as the race.

Watched the race and then fixed dinner. Wow two meals in one day. Going to have to rest up for a couple of days after this. 

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