Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcome to Paradise - Sedona, AZ area.

Another day in the magnificent country around Sedona, AZ. We are actually about 10 miles from Sedona and 2000 feet lower. Yesterday afternoon we got rain and cooler weather. Came down hard for a while. 
 See the river running down the roadway.
Last night listening to the TV I found out something that just doesn't make sense. Did you know that the U.S.A. Olympic winners of events/medals have to pay income tax on their prize money AND on the value of the amount of precious metal in their metals. WTH! 
Hum - guess they aren't worth much an article about the Rio 2016 medals "The gold medal is actually made of 494 grams of silver and 6 grams of gold. The melted gold and silver of a gold medal is worth about $587 in current market prices. The last time Olympic medals were made of pure gold was during the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden."
Back to today. It rained again during the night. And in the middle of the night around 2 a.m. the gardeners came on their machines and cut the grass. I slept through it [thank you sleeping pills] but Bill woke up and thought a train was coming through the park. 
It was overcast when we went out to breakfast this morning. The only patch of blue sky not covered with clouds. 
After we ate we stopped at the used book store that we also go to when here. Then went across the street to this great place. It is amazing - art work and antiques. Didn't go inside, there was enough outside to amuse me. Parking lot.
Front of the store. It is pretty big. The horses are made of metal. 

Another one of the horses and some really pretty metal flowers. The flower bunches of three were $45.
 This is full sized. 
 From the back. Clouds were starting to break up. 
I thought these guys were so cute. I wonder if our park association would allow me to put one in the back yard where no one else could see it. Will have to ask when we get home. 
Another actual size cowboy and horse. This one was priced at $3500. The picture isn't really clear but he has a detailed face. 
 And this one, actual size. I would take him in a minute - wow $2500. Think I could stuff him in Arvi somewhere? Bill pointed out he has some dents in his side. Wonder if it fell down once. Could you imagine the sh## fit the association would have if we put something like that in the front yard. Pooh on them. 
 If I could afford it I'd take it in a minute even if I had to put it inside. Good thing I can't afford it. 
After my drooling at everything we drove northeast to Sedona. The overcast sky took a lot of the coloring out of the landscape. 
But when the sun managed to pop out the beautiful red rocks were there. 
Some color not much sun. This is such beautiful country. 

We stopped at the Visitor's Center to pick up some information on 4 x 4 roads around here. This map was on the wall outside. 
There were musical instruments out side the building. Made some pretty sounds. 
This was the temperature in Sedona, it was 90 in Cottonwood and a little cooler down in the valley where the campground is. 
The sun came out for a while. Then the sky got dark again. 
The city of Jerome up on the mountain. 
Got more rain in the afternoon. Looks like it will be that way for the week. Rain every afternoon. At least it cools off. 

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Unknown said...

OH it would be so much fun to bring the horse and rider back to your place and see the reaction.That is such a cool store.
I love the red rock hills. It is such a treat to see different vistas in the US. I live in Wash so what I mainly see is trees and water.
Thanks, Jan