Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rain and Crepes and TV

More rain last night and a lot of clouds this morning. Heavy enough last night we lost satellite connection for the TV. Pretty cool too. We decided to stay here another week. Have to go up to the Ranger Station and extend our stay. It will cost us $99 + tax for 7 more days. That way we won’t have to travel over Labor Day weekend.
We thought about going out to the Indian ruins out of Sedona this morning but the way it is clouding up decided to stay home and take care of a few things that need attending to – paying bills etc. Did go out to breakfast and wander around Fry’s grocery store a little. It looks like we will get rain again this afternoon. Seems to be the pattern for this month.
Yesterday when we were on the way to Montezuma Well we could see smoke coming from the Interstate.
Unfortunately it was a motorhome on fire. 
The fire was in the rear of it, flames coming out the roof. Don’t know what happened but didn’t appear any one was hurt. There was no car attached so if they had one they got it disconnected in time. Feel for them. South bound traffic was backed up at least 3 miles. Still backed up when we left the Well so we took a connecting road through the little town of Cornville.

Good thing we aren’t out wandering the desert. It is 12:30 and the clouds are now gray and I can hear thunder out there somewhere. So guess I’ll read a Travis McGee book. Our MiFi – Internet – is funny here down in the valley. Sometimes it works great other times I can’t even get it to light up. 
5 o'clock now and it has been raining off and on all afternoon. Sun never did come back out. 
Bill decided to make crepes. Mixing the batter. Took a while to find a bowl and the mixer. Now that we know where they are maybe we can remember next time we want to use them. 
Cooking the crepes using one of his handy dandy "as seen on TV" titanium copper bottom pans. 
 The crepe is in the air. He is good at flipping them. 
The stack of crepes with a can of dulce de leche. Caramel sauce we bought in Mexico. Spread the dulce de leche on the crepe, roll it and enjoy it. 
No dinner tonight, just crepes! And Andy Griffith reruns. And gentle rain drops on the roof. Who could ask for more. 
Egad - more thunder. 


Unknown said...

Just caught up with some of your recent posts. I love the pics of Sedona Ariz. The ones of Montuzuma's wall are amazing. You Guys are leading the good life. able to explore so many wonderful sites.
Looks like Bill is a good cook.

Carol and Bill said...

We really like the Sedona area. It is so pretty especially with all the vegetation so green with all the rain. Bill is an excellent cook.