Friday, August 5, 2016

A day in Vegas

I mentioned that yesterday we drove across town to Ikea. On the way there I got pics of these utility boxes that had been painted. I think this has got to be one of my favorites. 
On the next corner were two of them, but a stupid car pulled up next to us just as I took the picture. What's the matter with him? Didn't he know I was taking a picture - hum...I guess not. I'd like to spend a whole day just driving around town taking pictures of the utility boxes, some of them are really nice, some really weird, all really interesting. 
This car was parked in the Ikea lot. YUM YUM. Neat paint job. 
Also in the Ikea lot, parking with chargers for electric cars. Sign of the times.  
Didn't buy anything there. Just looked. Got up this morning before sunrise. So nice and cool out. Yesterday's high way 86 - today supposed to be over 100 again and with humidity. Just some pictures of the sun coming up. 

The pigeons waiting for Bill to feed them.
And here it comes. 
A lot of racing on TV today so while watching it I was working on a new window hanging for me. Using the embroidery machine. 
I am having more and more problems with typing, the more my fingers curl in the harder it is to keep hitting the right keys and keep from hitting the wrong keys. It is aggravating...I used to be a good typist - never made a mistake. Now thank goodness for spell check. Also the little finger on the right hand is now curling in a lot so it goes numb and gets in the way when using the mouse. Grr.
I've been going back and reading some of the old blogs. Lots of memories. Some from four or five years ago. 

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