Monday, August 22, 2016

Sedona Scenery

The weather here has been so unsettled from hour to hour. This was the  view from the campground yesterday afternoon. But we didn't get one drop of rain. Somebody behind us sure got poured on though. 
This morning dawned clear and beautiful. We headed out for breakfast [let someone else cook and clean.] Then head to Sedona to take the road that goes behind Cathedral Rock. Sedona has eleven round abouts and we had to go through ten of them to get where we were going. I personally dislike round abouts. Bill thinks they are great. As long as everyone knows how to go around them they are okay. But I think there needs to be clearer instructions for the tourists here. Kind of crazy. 
We took all the scenic vista turn outs. This is the Back O Beyond road. It leads into the trail that goes up Cathedral Rock. Scenery was wonderful. 
 A look at Cathedral from this side. 
One of the other rocks. There is a lot of smoke in the air from the California fires  There are so many scenic views here you don't know what take pictures of.
 Panoramic view from one of the pull outs. 
 Looking back down over the town into the distance. The clouds are starting to build.
 Just another view. This post will have lots of pictures of the red rock and green bushes. 
How do you pick where to put a scenic view point when the whole area is scenic?
 Cathedral Rock from the back side.
 Just thought they were interesting

So that's it for today. I have more pictures but will save them for tomorrow. It was really starting to cloud up by 1:30 so we headed home. As we headed towards home this was off in the not too far distance. 
When we got back to the campground we discovered it had rain pretty hard there. Got a few more drops during the day, but mostly just cloudy. 

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