Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday morning in Vegas.

And here we are again into nice warm weather. Humidity has dropped back down to single numbers though so it isn't too bad. Though it is only 8:00 and the AC just kicked on. At least we had the doors open for a little bit. But check out the 99 degree day on Thursday. 
Saturday evening I happened to look out the door and see this amazing cloud. The ONLY cloud in the sky. At first I thought it might be smoke from a fire, but it was too clean for smoke. 
I called to Bill to come look at it. He remarked it was probably a heat cloud over the lake. Over the lake? I thought the lake was south of us. This is looking east...
I kept watching it. It just got prettier. 
A mushroom cloud? A space station? Then I went to the computer to look up Lake Mead's location from where we live. Sure enough Lake Mead is east of us. I forgot we make that left turn in boulder and head back north. 
Took a nice long walk, 2.44 miles yesterday morning. Going up the street we live off of. Just looks like a regular neighborhood doesn't it. Nice wide street and big trees. This is looking towards the western mountains.
Out to breakfast yesterday morning, had a horrible waffle, how can anyone ruin a waffle? Then home to watch the race. Boy this just isn't Jimmie Johnson's year. Qualified bad, had a pit road penalty and then in a wreck. Gordon's not doing very good in the 88 either. 
No plans for today except to work on the window hanging, maybe. And to pay bills. I thought I had our internet service set up to be automatically paid - guess I didn't - got a really RED notice from them yesterday. So need to see what I did wrong in setting it up. 
We have a whole month and a half with no doctors appointments and don't know when we'll get the RV back...Maybe I should just call it Arvi instead of "the RV."


Contessa said...

Kudos to you for walking in those temps.

Doug and Nancy said...

Must have missed it. What's up with the RV??

Carol and Bill said...

I try to get out while it is still in the 80s just as the sun is coming up. If I wait any later it is too hot. Have been lazy the last couple of days.

Carol and Bill said...

It is in getting the awning replaced, the whole frame was bent.
Got hit by a distracted driver.