Monday, August 1, 2016

Cool enough to take a walk

It is really cooling down here - thought it would never happen. Look at Thursday wowee! And this morning when I got up at 6:00 it was only 84 on our thermometer so I found my FitBit strapped it on and set out walking. got in 4700 steps, a little over 1 1/2 miles. Better than nothing like I've been ding lately. I need to get outside and get going as soon as I get up 'cause once that sun pops over the mountain it heats up quick.
I wonder how much time the weather people spend looking for the just right emoji? 
No more dust in the sky, just lots of puffy clouds. 
 Saw this pretty bud/flower on some kind of bush. A real pretty purple.
 I mentioned the club house area the other day, here is another shot of it. So green. Here at this park there is only one water bill for everyone. Then it is split evenly...I wonder how much water goes into keep these lawns so green. This month it was $29 so it is nothing to complain about. 
 How about this. Look like were at a beach.
 Actually it is just this photo of a puddle inverted. Thought it turned out neat. Some of the water we're all paying for. 
I got my new camera today. It is another more updated but still small Sony Cybershot. Does everything the older one does and more. Just need to figure it out. Finally found the users manual on line and downloaded it. (I got this one in particular because it uses the same battery as the old one. So I don't have to buy new batteries and a new charger.) When we're in Mazatlan I'll take the old one to the camera man and have him clean the lens and see if he can adjust the zoom button so it is easier to control. 
Still waiting for the digital card for my sewing machine. 
We bought another set of sheet for the RV - short queen so I threw them in the washer this morning. It is funny - they came in a really nice vinyl bag with snaps. It is such a nice bag I thought I'll keep this for ??? - How many vinyl bags with snaps and zippers do I need to keep until I realize I'm probably not ever going to use them. But they are too nice to just throw out. I am using a couple for storing quilting blocks. 
Finally yesterday's race just finished this afternoon. And it didn't really finish, it got stopped because the fog was so bad the spotters couldn't see the cars on the track. 
Has anyone updated their Garmin on line. I'm afraid if I do we'll loose our Mexican road map. 

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Wendy said...

You shouldn't loose you map I didn't when mine got updated and it also is a garmin