Saturday, August 13, 2016

Brought Arvi home.

Got a call from the RV dealer yesterday afternoon. Arvi was ready to be picked up. So we went over and got him. Just took him to his storage spot though as it was too hot to do anything with him.
So here he is dark and early this morning [we were both up before 5 a.m.] out in front of the house waiting for a few things to be done. 
And here is the new awning. Insurance covered it all. 
So why were we up so early and already outside? Here's why. 
Going to be a HOT weekend. 
Why are we doing things in him? Because we are going to take another short trip. Bill wanted to make a couple of small changes to things and we wanted to get all the odds and ends we took out before he went to the dealer back where they belong. Make the bed etc. And I want to give him a good scrubbing inside. But that will wait cause it got too hot too quick. 
Where are we going this time you ask? Well believe it or not we are going south! To Arizona. Hopefully some of the rain has let up there for a while. We're going to stop in Williams again and then stay for a while at the 1000 Trails park near Cottonwood. 
On another subject. Got a notice from the association where we live that they will be doing an inspection of everyone's property. According to the rule book "Landscaping must be maintained. No artificial products such as windmills, statues, animal or bird forms, wind chimes, etc. shall be placed in the front yard unless approved." 
I wonder if they'll really be able to enforce that. Some of these yards are full of, for lack of a better word, stuff.
The notice also says, "no accumulations of any kind around or under homes, carports and garages. The ground and areas of each lot must be kept clean, neat and attractive. "
Goes on to say, "only things allowed on patios and porches are patio furniture and barbecues. We will begin 4-sided inspections [their bold letters] looking for debris and other items stored around the home lot and attachments on September 15."
Hummm...maybe we can't store the Jeep in the back yard out of sight of anyone but us. That's okay we'll have Willie out front and hooked up to RV by then. Hopefully when we get back they will be done with their inspections. 
I think I mentioned a couple of months ago all homes that were getting a little shabby were told they had to repaint. As I walk around the park I can see the improvement. But wonder how this next edict will go over. 
Have to buy an new external hard drive - mine quit working - so much for everything that was backed up on it. Glad I still have everything on my PC. Maybe backing up to "The Cloud" isn't such a bad idea. 
Took Arvi back to storage before it got too hot out. Will bring him back to the house in a day or two.
Watched the NASCAR race - they raced in the rain. More of a combination of off road racing and a demolition derby. It was fun to watch but I don't think the drivers thought it was fun to drive. 

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