Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rainy day in Cottonwood. Visit to Chapel of the Holy Cross

Woke up this morning to very cool weather, even for me. Not cool enough to put furnace on but close. Rained hard most of the night and is still overcast and gray and dripping.
The automatic sprinklers here in the RV park go off at 1:30 in the morning and they sound like a fire hose when the water hits the side of the RV. Woke me up with a start, couldn’t figure out what the heck for a couple of seconds. They aren’t on long but sure get your attention when on. The rest of the night was fitful for me. Weird dreams off and on until I finally got up around 6. Dreams of our 48 year old son being a baby and I couldn’t remember where I put him…Was glad to get up.
Bill asked me yesterday when our time here at 1000 Trails was up. I told him the 31st. Then he asked where are we going from here? I don’t know. Him, we might have a problem finding a campground then. Why? Labor Day weekend. Oops. That’s what happens when you are retired, easy to forget about things like that. We have to be home by the 16th so don’t want to go too far. So today will try to figure out what we’ll do. Anything from going further south to going home. It has been nice here but starting tomorrow it will be getting hotter, eventually up to 100. The only places I could find that would be cool is in the higher altitudes.
While we were out yesterday we went up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. We’ve been by it and stopped to look at the outside of it but never been in it. Here is some information about the Chapel
Looking at it from below. 
 I like their mail box. 
 Another look at it and it's spectacular setting. 

 Parked and up to the Chapel. Bill taking a picture for a group of tourists for Asia. 
 Looking down at one of the parking areas. There are golf carts to bring you up the hill. 
The walkway that leads from the upper parking lot to the Chapel itself. 
 On the walk way looking over the side. Lots of money has been thrown onto the ledge. 
 Amazing how plants can grow out of rock.
 Closer look at the money. Pennies, nickles and dimes mostly. 
 A little garden on the way up the walk way. To commemorate the builder 

 Inside the chapel.

Very pretty  place. Has an interesting history. 

Remains a cool rainy day here in Cottonwood. In fact we did turn the furnace on for a while around noon. With the dampness the cold settles in the bones. So we spent the day reading, listening to country music and/or watching TV. Tomorrow it is supposed to warm up to mid 90s...


Phil said...

Great photos of the Red Rock Chapel. I didn't realize they would take you up in a golf cart. The last time I was there, you could park in the upper lot. It is still quite a walk up the ramp to the Chapel at that altitude. Did you get down to the gift shop in the basement? Very interesting.

SandyM said...

Wow, that is a marvelous chapel - great pictures.

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks. It is the first time it has been open when we've been there.

Carol and Bill said...

we actually got to park in the first space right at the top lot. Bill is lucky that way. But I saw a couple golf carts bringing people up from the lower lots. Yes I went to the gift shop. Loved some of the Manger scenes. But couldn't afford any. Did get a small Santa kneeling over the child though.