Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Playing with new camera

New header is looking out over the back yard into the Wetlands. Difference is I've been playing with my new Sony and this resulted from one of the special effects available. 
Same view different effects
 illustration - there are three degrees of illustration available
 this seems to be just normal - don't remember what setting I had it on.
 don't think I'll be using this one much - ugly!
Got up before sunrise this morning. Determined to start walking again. Remembered my FitBit again. Not much of a sunrise when it did come up. Got in almost two miles this morning. 
Got home and did laundry and baked some brownies with caramel sauce in them. YUM. Bill had a piece and said it made him sick. Well more for me. Other than playing with the camera that is my day so far. 
Ran errand to grocery store then came home and - OMG - took a nap! Very unusual for me to do that. Now I'll be up all hours of the night. 
Very strange NASCAR race yesterday, that's right yesterday. Got rained out Sunday and got fogged out yesterday. Red flagged race because of fog then ended it because of approaching heavy rain. 

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