Monday, August 15, 2016

Short post

We've been running back and forth from house to Arvi all morning. Putting stuff in there and taking stuff out. Also preparing house to leave it for a few days/weeks. Got up to 111 today with wind. Will start cooling down tomorrow. Hope there is no wind tomorrow. Bill hates to drive in the wind. Only 200 miles tomorrow to Williams, staying at a Passport America park there. Then on to Cottonwood, AZ only about 100 miles on Wednesday.
Today has been a day of small aggravations. When I went to make reservations for Williams I discovered our PA member ship had expired. Had to call them to renew it and get them, for the 2nd time, to update our address. Hope it is done this time.
More problems with the pharmacy. Another drug has doubled in price and one that my bottle says there is 1 more refill on they won't refill without reaching doctor. Good luck on that, so told them to forget it. We can buy it "over the counter" but it is more expensive that way.
Sent off the baby quilt [cost more to mail than it did to make!] and went to WalMart for a few more things. Got a good kitchen knife so we don't have to bring one from home, or forget to bring one from home.
Tomorrow morning we'll finish loading up and take off. Mainly refrigerator freezer stuff. No rush. Park office knows we are leaving so they will have security keep an eye on the place. They are also supposed to let security know it is okay to have Arvi out front for the night. We'll see in the morning if we have a ticket or not.


Doug and Nancy said... jealous of your travels, but happy for you both. Hugs from us to you guys. Miss you! Have a great trip, again!!!

Carol and Bill said...

We're just traveling because we don't have anything better to do. Arizona isn't exactly the best place to be this time of year. Hot and monsoons.Miss you guys too. Wish you were coming to MX this winter.