Tuesday, August 16, 2016

About to blow away in Williams, AZ

So here we are in Williams, AZ again. 
I know we were here around the first of June too. But we’re in a different park.  We are at the Grand Canyon Railway Resort! But it happens to be a Passport America park so not resort fees. $26 for the night. They have good long pull-throughs, fast WiFi and cable TV. And a whole lot of other stuff we won’t be using.
We started packing Arvi yesterday and left him in front of the house all night. And for the first time we weren’t hassled. Right in the park rules it says 24 hours for loading and/or unloading. Guess we talked to the right person yesterday. Got up early and finished loading. Took a whole day and night for the refrigerator to cool down. So did all that stuff this morning. We left home at 9:00 but stopped for breakfast so really didn’t get on the road until 10:00. About the only good road the whole way was Boulder Highway. The US93 and I-40 are both rough roads. And getting rougher every time we take them. Come on AZ. Let’s do some work on them. Oh look. Some one is working on a part of the I-40.
Took this using the zoom. Came out pretty good. 
Not much to see along this route. Way out there is the Colorado River.
 Pretty clear zoom of the mountains taken while moving at 60mph.
And about an hour into the trip the wind picked up. Bill didn’t enjoy the drive. One of the places in Arizona that sells the big lottery tickets. 
We stopped in Kingman and filled up at the Flying J for $2.07 a gallon – beats Nevada prices. Filled the car there too. Just some pretty landscape - finally. 
Just some of the many, many daises growing along the highway. 
Got to Williams around 2:30. 209 miles. About 100 miles too long. These seats are not comfortable. Bill got himself a pillow and me in my wisdom said, “I don’t need a pillow.” Famous last words. WalMart here I come. Not long after we got here the wind really picked up. And we could see it pouring in the distance – where we had come from.
Internet went out for a while the clouds were so heavy. 
You know how when you are riding you think of dumb things. I got to remembering bread boxes. Does anyone else remember them? We put our bread in them. They were closed containers that either had a lid or hinged side. One of ours was decorated with painted fruit. Another was shiny metal. Yah, I remember ice boxes too. We had a couple.

But back to the trip. We will be heading to the Sedona area tomorrow if it isn’t pouring. Only 100 miles. 


SandyM said...

I remember bread boxes and then they became bread drawers - a deep drawer that had a sliding "lid" you could open when the drawer was extended. I have had several of them. Enjoy your trip.

Phil said...

And here I was looking for a night shot of the Riviera Implosion. Enjoy Sedona, it is going to be hot.

Carol and Bill said...

Funny the things you think about when your just riding along Don't remember having a bread drawer

Carol and Bill said...

I thought about filming it from the news, but figured that was cheating. It happened about 2 a.m. Not my time of day. One of our sons was married there...I always liked the front of it - so Las Vegasy. Wish they would have kept the front.