Saturday, August 27, 2016

Another rainbow and more rain

The sun did manage to come out yesterday afternoon late, just in time for the setting sun to make another rainbow. It never got really bright though.
This morning about 3:30 the weather radio went off! Bill got up to shut it of. He'd no sooner got back in bed when a storm hit us. Lots and lots of lightening, loud cracks of thunder and rain that sounded like hail. We were both up until it let off a little. Bill went back to bed but I've stayed up. I think there might be a nap in my day today. 
It continued to rain until about 11:00. 
We took advantage of the sunshine to get out of the RV for a while. The ground is getting so saturated the water isn't disappearing any more. Big puddles. 
Now it is getting warm, like a steam bath out. Haven't seen this much rain since we left Indiana. The clouds are already building up getting ready for our evening's rain. Not going to do any running sight seeing today. 
Right now I'm watching two races, the truck race, which was rain delayed in Michigan, on one channel and the Xfinity race, which is now in rain delay in Ohio, on another channel. Bill is in back watching a soccer game. 
Our water heater has stopped working again. I HATE ON DEMAND water heaters! 
It is 7:30 and it hasn't started to rain yet this evening. However there is a lot of lightening and thunder just over the hill. It is coming towards us. 

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