Friday, January 6, 2023

The last few days

Had a bit of a kerfuffle here in town yesterday. Seems the government arrested the son of El Chapo in Culiacan and the cartel got a little upset. Some nasty stuff broke out there. Shooting and fires etc. Culiacan is about 140 miles north of here. To be safe the officials of Mazatlan locked down the entire town of Mazatlan for the day. All roads in and out of town were closed, all airplanes diverted, all businesses closed as was public transportation. Looked like a ghost town. No real problems here that we are sure of. A couple of trucks on toll road were set on fire - but the road was closed any way. . Our only inconvenience was we wanted to take a friend to La Antigua and it was closed. So we went to Torres instead - first time I've ever seen their big gates LOCKED. But they know us and let us in to go to the restaurant. Spent most of the rest of the day watching Mexican TV. (We never felt unsafe or scared.) Today all is fine and back to normal here in town. We've been out to breakfast and to the grocery store. Traffic, buses and stores all operating as normal. 

Bill was watering the plants the other day when this iguana decided it wanted a shower. Stay still under the water for about five minutes before it slowly wandered off. 

Heading for the bushes.
Hard to see once it go under them in the shadow.
Wow look how green its legs got when next to the bushes.
Really blends in with the plants and shade. 
They had both been up in this tree, guess this one didn't want a bath. 

Breakfast at Torres by the pool.  Weather last week or so has been perfect. 
I got in another walk. Did 3 miles - another one of the huge trees along the path. 
Monday our laundry was picked up and Wednesday morning we got it back, all clean and nicely folded. 
Then the vegetable truck came by. Got some nice fruit from him. 
And Wednesday night we went out to Fat Fish for RIBS. YUM. Salad, coleslaw, baked potato, garlic bread and ribs. 300 pesos for two meals. About US$15.50
Another breakfast at Torres with our friend Mark who got here Wednesday afternoon. This time ocean view. Then things were locked down and we all stayed home the rest of the day. 

Not much else to say. 


Kathy Tycho said...

A day in the life of MazatlanšŸ˜Š Well said about the unrest here on Thursday. We went to the beach and enjoyed the lack of traffic! It was good that Mazatlan was shut down as a precaution.

Carol and Bill said...

Still reading so much hysteria on line. Probably written by people in their arm chairs not even here.