Saturday, January 21, 2023

Another visit to El Quelite

But first yesterday's sunrise. First pretty one in a long time. Or maybe I've just not looked out the window at the right time. Looking south. 

Looking east behind us. 
We have been super busy lately, out and about almost every day. So I am getting behind in keeping my posts up to date  - BUT on the other hand when we don't do any thing at least I'll  still have something to write about. 

On to El Quelite last Thursday with Doug and Nancy. We took the "official" detour to get there. The road that goes by Marmol.  Cutting back the weeds next to the road. 

Always gave to have a picture of THE ARCH when going into a town. 
Waiting patiently in the shade for his rider. 
Interesting stacks, ornamentation, on the new roof. 
I know, I know same street every time. But I can't help it it is pretty. 
Beautiful hanging plant. They are really blooming this year. Don't know what it is, flowers are kind of trumpet shape. 
Looks like they got some new benches, or repainted some older ones. I like the look, kind of antiqued. 
New wall hanging. If I do it it will keep me busy for a while. Lots of work in it. Should I? 
A few items for sale that I haven't noticed before. The covered pots are used for everything.  I haven't seen a rolling pin for sale for a long time. Hum, do I still have one at home? Not sure.
The big sign out in front of the restaurant we go to all the time. 
The long veranda in front of the restaurant. When we were here during Christmas vacations this porch was lined up four deep to the very end with people waiting to inside... Much nicer for us to come on a quiet week day.
Happened to notice these ribbon roses sticking in a flower pot with a big plant. Very pretty. 

Once inside the door the rooms you go through to get to the restaurant are kind of a mini museum. They are part of the old original home from the early 1800's.
I see more of the ribbon roses that I didn't see when I took the picture. 
I haven't taken any pictures of the amazing bathrooms in the restaurant lately, so thought I'd add a few. The sink in the ladies room. Faucets are the keys, water comes out the instruments. Didn't realize I cut off the head of the corn husk doll. 
Sorry it is so fuzzy - without my glasses on I didn't realize it wasn't focused. but you can get the idea. Lots of tile and ceramic toilets. 
Looking in the bowl. 
Outside in the main restaurant. So many things to see and discover. 
The big gates that go out to the cobblestone road. 
Going to stop here for today. Tomorrow the rest of the restaurant. I just wandered around with my camera looking at things.  

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Always interesting...thanks!