Monday, January 16, 2023

walk in Centro Part 2

Continuing our walk.  We went on up to the big Central Market - Mercado Pino Suarez. 

"The Municipal Market of Mazatlán “Pino Suárez” was designed and built by Mr. Alejandro Loubet, built in iron and steel and based on the Art Nouveau style, using the same techniques that were used 7 years earlier in the construction of the Eiffel Tower.  On May 5, 1899, the Market opened its doors for the first time." Open continually for 124 years. It is a great place to go in. If you cant find something there to buy - you probably didn't look all over. Lots of clothing, belts, shoes. Lots of knick knacks, and the meat, pork, chicken and fish. Then the fruits and vegetables. And more. 
Looking up to the second floor with all the restaurants. 
Bill checking out some belts.
The owner of the belt store is sewing two pieces of a wallet together as he talks to Bill. 
I wandered away. Some intricate metal work over an aisle.
When the kids were young we bought some of these puppets every year. 
Lots of freshly cut beef. Will cut what you want. 
Smiley piggy head. 
Another beef market. All cases are refrigerated. 
Beautiful fruits and vegetables. Lots of different vendors. 
Back outside walking towards the bakery. 
Notice the building on the corner. Wish someone would restore it. 
Looking through the windows. This is the front room. No roof left. Tiled on the floor and half way up the walls.
The room next door to one above. A kitchen maybe.
Two more rooms behind it. Painted a few different colors through the years. 
Most of the plaster is off of these walls. 
Turned corner on to Guillermo Nelson to go to the bakery. Inside it was busy. 
Reuben, the baker and owner, talking to Bill. 
Another problem with the pipes, at least time it is outside. but has part of the street unusable. 
Reuben telling the car not to park there as traffic cannot get by.
Laughing at the traffic. 
Keep walking, view of the back of the Cathedral. Notice all the wires every where. 
An Art Deco era building. 
Not many of the old tile sidewalks left any more. 
A very interesting and well kept building. I have no idea what it is used for or when it was built, or by who. 

It is on the corner of  Calle Jose Maria Canizales and Carnaval. 

 Calle José María Canizales

This is right across the street from the white one above. Looks like is used to be a home. 
What is left of the front room. Part of roof is gone. 
The beams are huge and look like they were hand cut.
Tow more rooms behind this one. 
Walking down Carnaval looks like the top floor of this building is being remodeled. 
Pretty plants on both sides of the door way, but walls could use a little TLC.
Another door, new or old?
Looks like this building is wearing a wig of plants. 
The side walk of the new three story parking structure. so pretty. 
Cleaning up the chipped off paint. 

Then we went to a restaurant to check out the new cook.  Part 3.

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Doug and Nancy said...

Thank you for today's lesson. I learned that there aren't many of the old tiled sidewalks left. Now I'll watch for them!