Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Painting La Noria - Lunch La Martina

 Yesterday we had more captured tourists, Doug and Nancy, so we set off for a day trip to La Noria. we take the blue line. Very easy drive. And the road has been repaved since we were last up it. 

But first we stopped at La Martina for breakfast/lunch. The African Tulip tree was in full bloom. 

The weather was perfect for going out. Stayed in the mid 70's all day with lots of clouds in the sky. 
Bills breakfast, enchiladas, eggs, potatoes. 
Doug had eggs, chorizo, and chilaquiles.  
Nancy had a chocolate waffle.  
I had French Toast but had eaten part of it before I thought to take a picture. Just a few pictures of the restaurant and grounds. That table is one solid slab of wood. Beautiful. 
A cactus with a lot of new growth on it. 
The living fence. It would for sure keep me out.  
The cloudy sky adds a strange tint to every thing. 
After filling our tummies we headed to La Noria. Not too long ago I had read on line that the tourist department of the state government was going to give several small towns paint to spruce up their homes. La Noria was one of the towns listed.  As we neared the arch we could see it was being repainted. The towns have to supply the labor.
A nice bright color. 
When we got to the main street we were amazed to see the difference from when we were here last. Almost every building has been repainted. This blue building is the one where the blacksmith has his  shop. 
Not only are the buildings painted but many of the homes now have planters on their porches or in front of their homes. 
More new paint. I LOVE IT!
Mexico pink! I wish the sun had been out. 
Looks like they are doing a lot of repairs to this one too. 
Notice the "mother-in-law" paint job. Only the front not the sides. 
So glad they gave them a lot of different colors of paint.

Wow this looks great.

This used to be a museum, but it was never open.  I guess they are painting the curbs too. 
This is a nice purple, but doesn't come out good in the picture. 
Even painting the houses on the side streets. 
The turquoise building either hasn't been painted or they painted it the same color. 
This big building is empty inside, in fact it has no roof and has trees growing in it. Too bad it is a pretty building.
This is prepared to be painted. Wonder what color it will be? 
The big building that makes up one side of the plaza. 
This used to be Johnny's leather shop. He and his father passed away from Covid a couple of years ago. Now his wife keeps it open to give her something to do. Bill is talking to her. Paint job not quite finished. 
More new paint.
Building has a small store inside it. It is on the other side of the plaza. 
Took me a while to figure this out. It looks to be a covered stairway up to the brick addition. 
This town looks so different with all the new paint and plants. 
Finally got a good picture of the colorful name sign at the end of the plaza.
I'm going to stop here. Have more pictures from La Noria but will keep them until tomorrow. I wish every one could visit this little town. So much history here. 


Doug and Nancy said...

What a wonderful trip it was too. We can't tell you how much we appreciated you and Bill being our tour guides!

SandyM said...

Lovely to see the town painted up - just puts a smile on your face…..well it does for me! As always, thank you for sharing so much with all of us. The breakfast plates look delicious.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - our pleasure.
SandyM - I know it makes us so glad to see all the upgrades and new paint.

Contessa said...

They need to repaint the buildings in the Plazuelal Macahdo.