Wednesday, January 11, 2023

A kind of quiet day

 We had a couple of days where we didn't do much of any thing. But here are a few pictures of those days. This was going north on the Malecon. Lots of construction going on. The weather lately has been perfect. 

New building finished and two more going up. 
And they are getting taller and taller. I wonder if there are that many people moving here to fill them. Will they be bought by investors who will rent them? Or will people buy them to live in. The amount of building going on all over the city is amazing. 
More construction in the Golden Zone.
This was Monday. Spur of the moment - lets go out to eat. And of course we went to our favorite "go to" place for breakfast or early lunch. La Antigua. Sitting on the outside back patio. Nice breeze and umbrella to keep the sun off. 
They have a lot of drinks available. I had a Cold Capuccino. My favorite new drink. So yummy. 
I forgot to take a picture of it until I was half done with it. Lots of whipped cream and chocolate. 
To eat I had a Kiev - all food is named for cities. This is just a crepe, no stuffing with caramel and walnut pieces. 
Bill had the American breakfast. Eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. 
After we fill our tummies it was time to fill the Jeep - He was almost empty. 20 gallon tank and he took 18.7 gallons. At $4.44 a gallon. The exchange rate this year is not as good as it has been. Last year we got 22 pesos for 1 dollar. This year it is 19 pesos for 1 dollar. And prices of a lot of  items here in Mexico are going up just like in the US. 
Then we went to an RV park in Cerritos RV Park to check out this paint job. This is the front of a fifth wheel that was painted by the same artist that did the Jeep and our motorhome. 
The eyes are great. 
Lots of detailed work on it. 
Then we walked around for a while by the restaurants, shops and beach. There is a guy in the back of the truck, he was playing with his phone.  See him, all that was visible is his head and legs. He is wedged in between the coolers full of fresh fish. 
Quite a few tourists out on the beach. One of the fishing boats with it nets . The white metal things over it are frames for the canopies they put on the beach. 
Good thing the tide was going out. It came pretty close to this set up. 
Looking way across the bay. Homes or hotels built over there. 
Another group further up the shore. 
There are a few new restaurants out here this year. And a lot of clean up has been done. 
I think the fencing needs a little TLC.
Gee thanks buddy, could you get any closer. There was plenty of room in front of him. We had about a foot and a half in the back. But Bill and Willie made it out without a problem.
Went home and relaxed the rest of the day. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Not doing much and not much going on compared to people at home sitting in their recliners in the dark and cold seems pretty big to me! Mexico keeps us all young😊