Monday, January 2, 2023

El Quelite

Where did this year go? Sometimes it seems it went so fast, other times very slow. And yesterday was our 58th anniversary!

But back to our day in El Quelite. We did find parking so we could get out and walk around. 

A lot of people in town, every horse in town was out too. Lots of colorful decorations hanging across the streets. They are called Papel picado. A traditional Mexican decorative craft made by cutting elaborate designs into sheets of tissue paper. Papel picado is considered a Mexican folk art. The designs are commonly cut from as many as 40-50 colored tissue papers stacked together and using a guide or template, a small mallet, and chisels, creating as many as fifty banners at a time. 
I really love the colors when we come here. 
Favorite ware house with its doors closed. Great sky for picture taking. 
There were lots of people waiting in line to go into the restaurant but Bill managed to talk the girl letting them in to let us take our new captured tourists inside to look around - not to eat. Still we got a lot of dirty looks. Been a lot of new things added just since we were there last. 
A lot has been done out back where the wash is. new paint and decorations on the outside walls. 
One of the many iguanas that hang around here.
More new paint. 
No one was making tortillas that day.
Back outside - over to the church. The nice nativity set up there. 
More vendors than we've ever seen there. 
The gazebo in the plaza.
There is a library in the bottom part. 
Decorations on the top.
She was just zipping along. Pretty good on those skates.
A nice home on the street behind the plaza.
A strange looking plant growing out of a drain pipe on a wall. 
Those are birds nests hanging from the roof. Oriels, maybe?
Growing corn on their front porch. 
They have a really green thumb. Lots and lots of pretty plants. 
A lot of small papayas growing on this plant. 
Good place to sit and visit. There is a little snack store inside.
Still a lot of people in town. The colors are so pretty. 
On our way home. But did make one more stop. 
Even with all the congestion we had a great time visiting El Quelite. We'll be back again soon.
On to Quemada...

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