Saturday, December 31, 2022

Taking the shorter detour to El Quelite. Fording (not quite) the river

On Thursday we decided to get out and about so we hopped into the Jeep and went to El Quelite. I've mentioned that the bridge over the river on the 15 free road was washed out a couple of years ago during a hurricane. So there has been an official detour. It is the blue line on the map. Well we decided we would take the unofficial detour instead. The red line. It is basically the way we've gone to El Quelite for years, with one exception, Just before the downed the bridge we took the dirt detour. See video below. There is sound.

Here is the video of the dirt road. It is mostly uneventful until after crossing the river. Then it becomes really narrow. Hope not to meet oncoming traffic. Or meet them in a wide area.  Click here to view in full screen.

Going through the arch into El Quelite
I don't remember seeing this house before. So it is new or just remodeled and repainted. 
Got to love the colors. 
All kinds of things to buy. 
The office of the police all decorated for Christmas They used police tape to make the tree. 
Many, many cars and people here during the holidays.  Also lots of vendors.
And don't forget the horses. 
A video from the dash cam of driving through the town looking for some place to park. Click here to view in full screen. I'm glad Bill was driving. 

And so I'll stop here and use the rest of the pictures from that day in another day's blog.


Mark said...

Wow never seen it so busy in El Quelite.

SandyM said...

Happy New Year to you and Bill. Never get tired of seeing pictures of El Quelite - thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - you are welcome.