Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Trip to Centro and Christmas decorations

Doesn't this look like a Christmas poster? A vermilion fly catcher sitting in a lemon tree right across from us. He almost glows he is so red.

On our way to Centro - entertainment at the red light. 
Drove down by the Central Park Lagoon. The baseball stadium. 
The new aquarium, don't know finish date. But looks almost done. 
Truck parked, delivering ice to a beach restaurant, on the Malecon. 
Guess this restaurant must have a pirate theme. 
Parked and walking towards centro. Beautiful blooms on this tree. 
I know, I know, you've seen this home a zillion times, but I just like it. 
Blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose all checked here.
 The Palacio Municipal, or City Hall. Guess they are going to do more decorations for Christmas. 
Decorating a big tree. 

Some reindeer and trees near Santa's house.
Santa's house is finished and painted and decorated now. Snowman out front. 
And a sleigh. 
More decorations on the building a lighted arch. 
Life sized Nativity scene. 
Bill asking one of the workmen if there are going to be live animals with it this year. He said No, because the people are mean to the animals and hurt them. What is this world coming to?
The 12th is the Virgin of Guadalupe day so a lot going on in Centro around the Cathedral. All the streets blocked off for vendors. Lots of food, trinkets and flowers. Many people buying flowers to take to the church. 

Roasted corn, gorditas and other goodies.
Guess these were just shined, sitting here to dry. 
Vendor selling toys for the children. 
Another Christmas decoration. It lights up at night. 
We stopped at Via Condotti for a late breakfast. Sat inside as all outside tables were full. Cooler in there too. Good food. We haven't eaten there for a couple of years. After we ate we went back to the area around the Cathedral to see all the children dressed up for the Virgin of Guadalupe day pictures. Next blog for them. 
Right in the middle of this picture behind the two men on the bench is a big machine sucking something out of a new hole in the main street. The hole wasn't there when we came by the first time. 
This bus was a block into the street when he found out he couldn't go any further because of machine. Had to back up the whole block. Did a pretty good job of it. Then the barricade was put up. 
The car was parked by the Plazuela Machado so went there to see the decorations in the daylight. Kind of cute. 
A sleigh with "snow" on it by the Christmas tree. 
A cute little train by the gazebo. 
And that is about it for decorations in the Plazuela. Each year there is less and less decorating being done. By then the sun was right overhead so we headed home, I just get too hot. All the beautiful children next time. 
Last night sunset. Bill getting the drone ready to go up. 
Drone pictures of sunset to be posted when edited. 
Sunset last night  my camera
Just managed to catch him in air


SandyM said...

Oh my Goodness, what wonderful photos of Centro Christmas decorations and the photos of the trip to get there. You tell such great stories through your pictures. The first picture and the last two photos are spectacular! Thank you for sharing.

Nancy Kissack said...

That golden yellow home is fabulous!!! I'm surprised to see so many Christmas decorations. Guess I've never been out of the country at Christmas. Delivering ice? So they have no ice machine. It's always so interesting to see how other countries live. We are so spoiled here. I agree, the sunset pictures are beautiful!

Carol and Bill said...

SandyM - thanks for your comments.
Nancy - The ice is being delivered to restaurant on the beach ... The Christmas decorations are in the public plazas.
Kathy - Thanks for comment, I like to share the pictures - well most of the times.