Saturday, December 3, 2022

La Martina

From Puerta de Canoas we continued on to La Martina. Lots to do and see in a very short drive. And the weather was perfect. 

First we took a very sort detour to check out the cemetery on the road to Los Limones. At first glance it looks like a small housing development. They are grouped by family members. 

This must be a rather well to do family. 
The part of the cemetery for regular people.
Then on to La Martina for lunch. Every time we go there it gets more colorful with all the plants blooming. 
The African tulip tree (spathodea campanulata) [also known as the fountain tree, pichkari or nandi flame] in bloom. It is spectacular. 

These bougainvillea are the size of a car.
The chapel up on the hill. 
Entrance to restaurant.. 
The tile floor. 
From our table looking down over the big yard to one of the smaller buildings. 
I had quesadillas - with meat. Very good but too much to finish. 
Hard to get a picture of this interesting table. 
Matching chairs and a matching bench. 
The big beautiful chandelier.. 
I like this - looks like people have been touching it, there is now a do not touch sign under it. 
Back outside. 
Another pretty flowering bush.; 
Lots of erosion going on. The chapel sits on top of this hill.

Two little planters. 
Just a pretty scene. 

From here we went to the distillery. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Very beautiful Carol. What a lovely day!

Nancy Kissack said...

No wonder they love to paint their houses such gorgeous colors. It all comes from the flowers that bloom there.

Carol and Bill said...

It was a fun day and all just a short drive away.
I agree about the colors of the homes and the flowers growing here.

Kathy Tycho said...

Prettier each time you take photos😊

Contessa said...

You have have a wonderful eye for photos. In the 7th photo up from the bottom, above the erosion photo the flowering plant is called a desert rose.