Sunday, December 25, 2022

Christmas Day Mazatlan


Bill took his drone up last night. Looking out at the ocean. The moon and Jupiter visible. Click here to view the video in full screen, also turn you sound on. 

Just some random pictures. Haven't been much of any where the last few days, way to many out of town cars on the road. 
He came down out of one tree and went up the other one. Don't know where the other one is. 

Our neighbors decorations. Very cute and colorful.
A Nativity scene we saw. Every thing is made from corn husks. I like the little sheep. 
The rest of the same scene. 
We did go out to breakfast again at La Antigua by us. This time we sat outside on the down stairs back patio. Really nice out there. 
Been reading and relaxing. Still windy here, and the wind is quite cool. 
Had a problem with our microwave. It had power, the clock was working but none of the buttons worked, so we couldn't use it. Well Bill got up at one o'clock this morning and fixed it. The problem? It had become partially unplugged. The two prongs were in the outlet but the grounding prong was not. So I guess for safety reasons it would not work. So he is now officially a genius and angelic. . 


Lee said...

A genius, angelic, and one hot tangoing hombre on the dancefloor.

Carol and Bill said...

I agree.

Contessa said...

Well done Bill!