Friday, December 30, 2022

Mazatlan sunset December 29 Part 1 and 2

We had a really great day yesterday. First off we went to El Quelite along for 20 thousand other people. Well it seemed like that many. And after leaving there we went to La Martina for lunch. And last night was a spectacular sunset. I took many, many photos. We have dash cam video of crossing the river to get to El Quelite, driving through town and coming home. Also lots of pictures in El Quelite and some of La Martina. So going to break things up some.

A beautiful sunset over Mazatlan on December 29. Bill took the drone up and got some great video. Bill took four separate videos one after the other. So I am putting a couple here. Before the sun completely sets and after it set with the sky turning red. The is music with them, but it might be annoying., Both videos are a little long but I think worth it. 

Click here to watch the first video in full screen. 

Click here to watch the second and most colorful in full screen. 

Hope you enjoy them. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Oh my gosh Carol. The videos are excellent and I really like the music!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! Dirk.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you

Contessa said...

Definitely he best sunset thus far this season.