Saturday, December 24, 2022

A short trip to Centro

Hard to believe that only 5 1/2 years ago this was all jungle. Now homes as far as you can see.

For the last three years there were very few RVs here in the park. This year it is so good to see more. Right now there are 24 rigs here. Several will be staying the whole winter, some will be moving on south. Back here in the back there are 12 of us. And every one has Christmas lights up. 
Went to put singalong in the Jeep the other day - Price is US $4.25 a gallon. Part of that is lower exchange rate for us and raise in gas prices here. 

A couple of iguanas went running up the tree right next to us. I'm guessing but maybe they were a boy and girl. This one didn't have much color to it and just sat and looked around. 

This one was colorful and was showing off
Couldn't get a good picture but he was showing the colorful expanding part under his chin. 
We took a short trip into Centro. Not where we'd planned to go but...For some reason the city decided to remove the two huge topes that were right in the middle of town. I've posted pictures of them. They could make a car go airborne if it went over them too fast. Well they were supposed to be removed in a day or two. Now it is going on two weeks. Two of the busiest weeks in the year for out of town tourists. What a mess with traffic. Supposed to be done today. Didn't see any one working, just the cop making sure no one drove through the tape. 

We were going to go to a restaurant in the Golden Zone for breakfast, but absolutely no parking any where around it. Even the big parking lot was full up. So we ended up going to Centro.  Just a building I like. 
Ended up in the Plazuela Machado for breakfast at Gaia. There was one cruise ship in town too. Lots of people on this tour. 
After breakfast we went in the Panama bakery around the corner. Just some of their good stuff for sale.
A good size cake. Bill bought a small one like it. Also a small carrot cake for me and some cookies. and stuffed pastries.

Isn't he sweet? The bag is full of pastries. 
This picture didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped. These are hummingbirds all made of wood and painted. Beautiful I want one!  The wings are so thin almost like paper. 
Better pictures of some new or redone murals. 

No idea why I took this picture. But we were on a different road then we usually take - due to traffic jams. 
There they are again. 
Heavy traffic in town now. So if we do go any where near downtown or Centro we'll be taking public transportation. If we go to market it will be EARLY in morning.People in town from as far north as Monterey and as far south as Mexico City. They will be here until January 6th.The weather here remains cooler than we are used to with lots of cold wind from the north. Okay during middle of day with the sun, really cools down in afternoon and night. 


Mark said...

That's no angel. LOL. Mmmmmmmmm pastries from Panama.

Frank and Sandi said...

Bill looks so angelic

Doug and Nancy said...

Merry Christmas Bill and Carol!

Nancy Kissack said...

Those pastries!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Contessa said...

Love taht smile Bill. Christmas wishes to you both.