Monday, December 12, 2022


 The same day we went to Malpica we continued on up the highway to Concordia. Heading up the one way street to the central plaza and church. Several of the buildings have been repainted since the government painted them all the same color several years back. Concordia was established in 1565 to service the mines in the area. It now has a population of around 9000.

The plaza and the church. Concordia is known for its furniture manufacturing. Thus the large rocking chair. 
Even there the Christmas decorating has been really toned down. They used to decorate the whole area between the church and the plaza. The church, San Sebasti├ín, was built in 1785 with an ornate baroque facade.
Looking down one of the side streets. Typical one story buildings built sharing walls. 
Some of the intricate work on the face of the church.
The town has a violent history. It was invaded by the French, Spanish and the during the revolutionary war. Each time part of the town was burned down. Even the church didn't escape the invaders. Notice the little statue has been decapitated. 
A beautiful interior in the church. 

We walked over to the government building to check out the murals. There are several all about the history of the town, from the original indigenous peoples to the present government. 
Back to the church. There used to be statues of saint in the four empty niches next to the window and door. They were removed by one of the invading forces. 
A closer look. Such intricate work. 
Little by little the colorful buildings are coming back. 
The government building.
Some businesses around the plaza. 

We stopped at one of the furniture stores on the way back to Mazatlan. Such pretty stuff. All hand carved. 
Just some different styles available.

A bed head board and next to it is the lower portion of a coat rack. 
I like this rocking chair. 
Different colored upholstry. 
And on back home. Another fun and interesting day. It was at least 10 degrees warmer up in Concordia then it was in Mazatlan. Didn't do much over the weekend. Just watched soccer and went to Walmart and Sam's Club. I did make paella for dinner yesterday. Today we are going to Centro. 

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SandyM said...

We love to visit Concordia and alway enjoyed lunch at a restaurant right on what used to be the main highway through edge of town. I have a picture of Rex in that chair - can you still do that? Love that the colorful paint on houses is coming back - makes for such great photos. Thanks for sharing and reminding me of such good memories.