Thursday, December 1, 2022

more sights

 We have a couple of hummingbird feeders up. Fun to watch them. I don't think I've seen a yellow hummingbird before. Even his tail is yellow. (It looks orange here but is really yellow.)

See the two arrows, the red arrow is a ladder the whit are two workmen. They to up the ladder then walk across the roofs to where they are working. These are individual homes, built very close together. 
Having lunch. 
Pablo our mechanic here came over the other day and changed the oil and filters in the Jeep and RV. Thank you Pablo for all your work over the years. 
Oops. were going to have breakfast at La Antigua but some one had already taken Bill's parking spot.  Change of plans. See the street cleaner at the end of the block.
Colorful homes. 
This is an apartment building, I think. The upper part looks great. The lower part really needs repainting. Kind of looks like they are doing some patch work. 
Building Santa's house and getting to decorate the government building. 
There were two cruise ships in town again and for some reason the vehicular traffic was terrible. All the taxis and pulmonias and tour buses I guess. 
We ended up eating at Gaia again. This couple walked by while we were sitting down. Check out her dress. That is all embroidery work. Beautiful.
Just a few minutes of traffic going by. 
Saw lots of guys with bread on trays on their heads. 
Traffic was at a dead stop on this street while the propane truck filled one of the restaurants tanks. 
Enjoying a shoe shine. 
See what I mean about all the traffic. 
Two trucks coming off of a one lane street turning on to a lone lane street. Some had to give. 

A nice looking building. No idea what it is. 
More bread on the head. He isn't even holding on to the pan. 
Now that is my kind of paint job - or maybe wrap. 
He comes out to the middle of the street and plays while the light is red. A few cars gave him some money. 
Yesterday we stayed home all day. Today we were out and about to several places. 

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