Sunday, December 4, 2022

Las Osuna Distillery

After finishing our great lunch at La Martina we decided to go to Las Osuna to see what was going on there. Turned out to be a good idea. 
There are many more fields planted with the blue agave. These are probably a couple of years old.
I like going there just to look around the buildings and grounds are so pretty. One of the buildings that is used in the making of the tequila. 
Another building. Lots of pretty plants and trees around. 
Even the bathrooms are colorful 
Looking down the side of the building where all the good stuff takes place. 

The finished product gets  bottles here. 
The room where it is bottled. Then the labels are put on. 
Inside the building where the distilling takes place. 
Where the juice and yeast sit to ferment. They play classical music in this room. The vibrations of the music help with the fermenting process. 

Where the fermented liquid is distilled. And alcohol content is controlled.
Back outside. 
One of the ovens where the pinas, the ball of the agave plant, is cooked. 
The long handled fork is used to take the cooked pinas out of the oven. 
The pinas are then put into the top of this machine and are shredded to remove the juice. The lump of brown stuff between the machine and the pillar is the shredded pina. It will be put through the machine again, to remove every drop of juice.  
The liquid goes into this tray and the shredded part goes into wheel barrows. 
This oven is still closed and full of cooked pinas. We were hoping they were going to take them out and shred them. But they weren't going to do that until the next day. 

Getting ready to reshred the remains of the pina. 
Putting it onto the conveyer belt to be squeezed again.

The guy sitting on the top of the machine is adding water. 
An old time shredder. The wheel would roll over the pinas and crush them. 
Another old shredder. the pinas would go in the front and be crushed by that cylinder. 
A better look at it.  
One of the pretty blooming trees. 
Another tree with strange looking flowers.  
A few years ago we were lucky enough to be there when they were shredding the pinas. I wrote a series of blogs about it. Click here for post number one. Click here for second post  And if you are still interested click here for the final post.
It was a really neat day. 


Doug and Nancy said...

What a great post Carol! The pictures are really wonderful. You should be a tour guide!

Nancy Kissack said...

It's amazing how they make it. It's done the exact same way in Costa Rica. They even let us taste test several batches. LOVE the colors on the building.

Kathy Tycho said...

We've wandered through a couple of times. Thanks for the detailed tour!

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - we are tour guides, just don't charge for it...
Nancy K - there is tasting there too. They were going to grind pinas the next day, but we didn't go back.
Kathy - I like going there, just for the scenery.