Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Christmas lights in the RV park

We hope everyone had a really nice Christmas and are making it through all the bad weather without too many problems. The sun is coming up here without any clouds this morning. But it is pretty nippy out for us at night. Today should get up to the high 70's and hopefully no wind. Usually between Christmas and until January 6th we don't go very far from the RV park. But I think we are both getting tired of being home so will try to get out and do something today - hopefully away from traffic. 
I walked around the back area of the RV park the other night with the phone and took some video of the Christmas lights. Click here to see it full screen. It also has music. 

Went across the street one morning for breakfast. Just looking at the ocean while eating is nice. 
Saw these rather puzzling sand sculptures. Sombreros? or something else? 
Too early I guess for many people to be up and on the beach. 
They always have nice decorations over there. 

We just got back from Sam's Club and WalMart. Busy places.
This mural is just up the road from WalMart. Hard to get a good picture of it. A lot of railroad stuff in the way. And then it is a bad angle. Best I could get. Sure is colorful. 
Advertisement on a building. 
And that is all we've done.


Anonymous said...

Hola, love your blog. We were on the bus today on the malecon and you drove by us. Recognized Willie lol. Crazy, busy time right now, so much traffic, but nice to see so many folks enjoying the season. Thanks for all your blogs��

Carol and Bill said...

Willie is kind of hard to miss. Hope you had a fun/good day.