Sunday, February 12, 2023

A fun trip to the Golden Zone (tourist area)

The sky was on fire last night. Amazing. Got some great drone videos of it. 

The days are starting to fly by. In 22 days we will be leaving Mazatlan and starting on our journey home. So guess we need to do what ever we have put off doing!

There were three cruise ships in the other day so we decided to head to the Golden Zone, along the beach, with all the tourist shops. The more expensive nicer stuff ones. We got lucky and Bill managed to find a great parking place in the lot behind the Shell Museum. And the attendant even washed the Jeep while we were walking around. Our first stop was Lucky B's for lunch. It was kind of cool sitting outside as we were in the shade and the wind was blowing. I don't think we've ever had a year where the wind has blown so much. 

Then we crossed the street and visited the shell museum. 
Lots of things for sale in there so a store more than a museum. Very colorful metal wall hangings.

And ,of course, lots of shells. 
The upstairs of the museum was closed. Too bad as there is a huge beautiful fountain up there that is made of all kinds of shells. This Carnaval gown used to be upstairs too. 
Not all the shops in this area are expensive, some are very touristy. T-shirt hanging outside of one. 
We were heading to Michael Gallery. That is where several years ago we bought the tiles for our window boxes at home. They carry some very nice stuff. 
Just took a few pictures in there of things that caught my eye. These are cute and made of corn husks. Now I wish I'd bought one. Oh well.
Not sure the use of these, but pretty. 
I love these little dolls, there is a lady that sells them in Centro, I would like to buy one from her. 
OH MY - no idea there was a STRIP CLUB in this area. New addition?
On our way back to the main street. The entrance to a shopping area with a great restaurant, Pancho's, on the beach at the end. The colors are great. 
Lots of different shops in there. 
A couple of fountains with tile benches around them. 
Pancho's is at the end. It is a colorful building. 

Another of the fountains. 
One of the stores had boots and shoes. These are colorful and cute. Real leather of course. 

A musical group outside the mall. 

Cheaper than a stroller. 
Walked on down the street to this store, not sure what it is called. But it sure had some NICE stuff in it. Years ago when the cruise ships came in they had a show for the boat tourists behind this place. Lots of dancing, music, fashion show and the Indians who fly off a pole. We managed to get in to see it a couple of times. 
Unusual building.
Now That is a neat shirt. No I didn't even look at the price. 
Interesting. For sure an "eye catcher"
Part of the ceiling in the building. 
Left there and stopped for a cool soft drink in here. Pretty place. 
One of the many guys carrying flowers for sale. 
Lots of color in here. 
Dresses for sale. Some of these were actually had embroidered. Hard to find any more. 

Pretty stair case, I think it is a hotel or apartments upstairs. 
He was having a hard time maneuvering through all the tourists. 
waling back to the parking lot. There are lots of wings all over town these days. 

Had fun. Ate lunch, looked in stores and had car washed. Weather was perfect, a nice day. 


SandyM said...

What a fun day - those are the kind of days we enjoy, too. The sunset last night was extra pretty and your photo is spectacular. Thanks for sharing all the great pictures you take. You do have the eye for the unusual.

Carol and Bill said...

SandyM - we took friends who hadn't been there. Always fun to see things through new eyes.