Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Road trip to Malpica

Forgot to post yesterday, took a long nap in the afternoon. Reading a good book. 

Took a short road trip to Malpica yesterday morning. Took the toll road part of the way. How would you like this job? Painting the rumble strips on a highway with lots of traffic. They are just painting the white parts. 

I forgot to take a picture of the arch going into Malpica. Shame on me. So here we are just past the arch heading into town. 
Some of the colorful home in Malpica. 
Bill calls this a "mother in law" paint job. Only paint what she will see when she comes to visit. 
More homes. 
More and more homes are getting air conditioning through the years. 
This paint job looks brand new.
The bakery. Looks like house next door is getting a second floor. The bread was almost ready to come out of the oven. 
So we went across the street to visit Jorge the tile maker. Some of his tiles. In the last couple of years Jorge has had some serious health problems so he doesn't make these big tiles any more. 
Mostly makes these smaller round ones. They sure come in handy to put hot pots on for dinner., 
Putting the colors on the form to make a round tile. 
Putting the white marble slurry on top of the color dots.
Didn't get a picture of him using a pencil eraser to swirl the colors to make the design. Now it is in the form to be pressed. 
The finished tile. It has to dry out before it can be bought. In previous years I've written a lot about Jorge and posted several videos of him making the times. Just search Malpica if you want to see more. 
Back over to the bakery. Because of Covid no one can go into the bakery any more. The  baked goods are brought to the door and you choose what you want. Again search Malpica in the search bar on the side of the bog and you will learn a lot more about this bakery. Interesting pictures from when we could go inside. 
The baker and his wife. Click here for a link to one of the older blogs. (We go in the bakery and there are more pictures of the tile making. Makes me feel kind of sad to see the difference between then and now.)
There used to be an old abandoned house here. Guess they finally tore it down and now building a new home. 
The plaza in front of the church is being remodeled and the old Gazebo is gone and looks like a new one is being built. The church is also being remodeled inside. New ceiling fans. A work in progress. The outside looks like it is being readied for a new paint job too.
Mural of history of area on the outside of the community building. 
The beautiful pink trees are blooming again this year. 
Another cloudy day yesterday. Took a long nap and then went across street to have dinner. Very, very muggy out. 

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