Monday, November 29, 2021

A bit of this a bit of that

Well the gloom is finally gone. This morning the sun is bright and only a few clouds in the sky. So of course we had to go out for a drive that ended up with breakfast. Supposed to be nice for a while now. With humidity during the day below 60%.

Some time I wonder why? About all kinds of things? Like when there are 25 open pull-thourghs in an RV park - why would someone pull in right next to another RV . Then sit outside and talk for a couple of hours on their phone? And then when they leave why do they start their rumbling RV and not move it for  a 1/2 hour? Mean while flooding the guy next door with exhaust? Why?

So yesterday afternoon I decided I wasn't going to cook so we headed across the street, again, to have an early dinner. This is the table we like. Inside but next to two open windows. Because we go early we are gone by the regular dinner time.

Leaving the restaurant yesterday late afternoon. The sky was like this all day so it is usually available. 
So our drive this morning. A new building that is almost ready for move ins. I don't think I could go up this stair case even with the glass sides. Just looking at it my knees get weak. It is sure pretty though. If you buy one of the condos it comes with the use of a Yacht!
Just a building along the street. 
Something is finally going on in the old Mar Rosa RV park. It has just been sitting empty for several years. They are digging big holes and making big piles of dirt. Also poking holes in the outside walls. 
I was watching them finish painting this as we've gone by. It looks done now but it is hard to get a picture of. I wonder who gets a good view of it. The building next door maybe?
Looks like a lot of progress has been made on this structure. It is where the old Dairy Queen strip mall used to be. 
What difference a few miles makes. I prefer Centro myself. Such interesting buildings. 
Oh gosh, look where we ended up! La Antigua for breakfast again. The tile around our seat. 
Bill had a ham, cheese and egg crepe, I had the banana walnut one so we divided them this morning. Each of us having a half. 
Here are only a couple of pages from their menu. Bill had the Polonesa.
I had the Estrasburgo. Lots of different combination available of every thing. 
On our way again. Colors, cables and cobblestones
Work continues on this old home. Can't wait until it is done. 

This car has been parked behind this gate for years. It has been turned into a garden with all the potted plants on the roof. 
A sign at one of the bus tops. Just liked it. Been trying to get a good picture of one for a couple of weeks. Finally. Almost looks 3-D
Almost back to the RV. This building has been like this for a few years. Every once in a while they work on it for a couple of months, then it sits with nothing being done for ...
I mentioned that the thieves took our blanket. Well for a while it has been pretty cool at night here. Just the sheet isn't warm enough and the quilt as heavy as it is is too warm. So we thought lets buy a light weight blanket. Except we couldn't find any here. So Bill ordered one from Amazon about five days ago. It just got delivered. That was quick. But now it is not getting cold at night, in fact it is warm...Oh well we will have it when we need it. 
Somehow either I forgot to buy one of my over the counter pills or they are sitting at home some where. They are the ones that control my hives! So need them. Went to pharmacy yes they have them - 600 pesos for 15! That is US$27 for 15 pills I take two a day. WOW - but then she said they had the generic. Got almost 3 months worth for the same price. About the same as I pay in the US. 
I think I am going to cook tonight...
Can't believe it is almost December already. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I prefer Centro too.

I agree, why do people do that?? Same thing in parking lots or at the movies. Or in restaurants when there are plenty of tables and they seat people right next to you.

gumo said...

I have also a huge list of “whys” and the answers usually refer to inconsiderate idiots. Love your blog and photos and insight. Thanks for taking us along on your travels.

Kathy Tycho said...

Pur biggest RV gripe was that very thing! Eric says the glass elevator in that building goes at very high speed..yikes!

SandyM said...

Your street photos are the best, thank you for sharing. We stayed many times at Mar Rosa and always enjoyed that location until the year a new night club across the street drove us bonkers. Do not think we stayed there again and that may be when we started to stay at Las Jaibas. Guess it will be another high rise at the old MarRosa location 😟😟😟

Carol and Bill said...

Another RV pulled in right next to us last night - many, many open spaces. Left early this morning. Good.
There are so many changes going on to this town. I guess good for the town, but it is turning into Miami or Santa Monica. Lots more new high rises going to go up.