Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Running errands

 We spent part of this morning running errands. We had to pick up some medical cards. Got that done easily. Found the place, it was open and our cards were waiting for us. Then on to Centro to go to the bakery - again. Some of the different streets we drove down today. 

Getting closer to downtown. Lots of wires going here and there. 
Some of the buildings are painted and kept up, other need TLC.
Just liked this picture. 
This food vendor has been on this same corner since we've been coming to Mazatlan. Later in the day he has a lot of people eating there. 
There was a cruise ship in town today.  We also stopped at the watch maker to check on Bill's favorite watch. According to the watch maker he has taken it apart and checked it out and put it back together many, many times and it still isn't working. Now it is a challenge for him. He says he will win! Hope he does. He's got three months to do it. 
Right downtown. Ice Cream...Yum. 
This year the restaurants upstairs of the Central Market are open again. Seemed to be a lot of people going in and out of the market. Good to see that. Most people wear masks. 
Lots of new towers and even more going up. Will be wall to wall in a couple of years. 
Painting the cross walks. Be careful they come up quick. 
I like this building. I always like to see it after it has been painted. About every two to three years it gets repainted. It has been multi colors and turquoise and white and other colors I can't remember.
It looks like they are doing some much needed maintenance, repair work on the famous Valentino's. There is now a couple of grill/bars open in it. Also a look at the center divider.
Then on home. Spent the afternoon in the AC  About 4:00 we went across the street to have dinner. The food at the Torres this year has been excellent. Tomorrow we have a couple more errands to do. So at least we will get out of the RV for a while.  Two Canadian 5th wheels pulled in today. They are regulars and will be here all winter. Already more rigs here then all last year. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Always enjoy your day to day travels..thanks.

Mark said...

I really like your new header picture.

Doug and Nancy said...

Nice to have the company again!!