Saturday, November 20, 2021

El Quelite Part 2

A change in the weather. The last couple of days the humidity has dropped. It feels so good to be able to go out and not be dripping wet in minutes. It is still getting pretty warm out but with the drop in humidity it is so bad. But really cooling down at night. In fact when we go to store today I might look for a light weight blanket for the bed. 

Mechanic got back in the afternoon and the windows in the back seat of the Jeep now go up and down. I hope that is the last of the maintenance and repairs on the Jeep this year. 

 The second half of my pictures from El Quelite. I can never get enough of them. The restaurant took a big hit from the hurricane. This is the run off wash just outside the restaurant. It used to have play equipment and petting animals in it. Every thing is gone. The animals were taken out before the water got bad. They are doing a lot of work cleaning up and reinforcing things. A couple of the girls were down there raking and sweeping. Major construction going on also. 

Here are the roots of the big tree that used to cover the entire front outside part of the restaurant. About six feet of the trunk are still there too. Behind the horse. 
At least there are new benches outside on the sidewalk looking over the wash. Four of them. 
John, the house you guys built is still standing...looks like no damage to it. 
Just some pictures of the colorful homes and big ferns. The water almost came up over the high curbs. 
Walking back towards the restaurant. 
The church has been painted. Looks great. 
Just liked the flowers and light standard. 
The back of the church. 
Any one want to buy a rubber chicken. Couldn't resist. 
One thing we love about El Quelite is all the plants and flowers that people have on their porches. See how high the homes are built above the street. The river has flooded several times.
More colors of El Quelite

The hotel and gift shop. 
We actually didn't do much more than go in the restaurant and walk a little ways behind it. Next time we go we will spend more time there. 
Yesterday we just waited on the mechanic and last minute went across the street to eat BBQ chicken for dinner. 
Bright star/planet and a lighted boat way out there. 
A nice ocean breeze felt good. And we could actually leave our door open and the AC off when we got home. No new rigs came in yesterday. There are only 55 cases of Covid in the whole state and the majority of them are quite a ways north of us. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Thanks Carol - The house colours are spectacular aren't they!! Love this town!!

Anonymous said...

Your posts are wonderful and so informative not to mention the great photography. You need to come to the Isla and day.


Mark said...

Yeah the windows are fixed. Thanks for that.... Mmmmmmm BBQ chicken..... Soon but not soon enough. Nice to see that the house John and Bill built made it through the storm. LOL

Jackie McGuinness said...

Well, John and Bill worked SO hard building it, I'm not surprised it is still standing!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - every time we go there the colors and plants amaze me.
Contessa - thanks. it is fun to take pictures of such colorful places.
Mark - Yep windows fixed, but not saying they can be used...
Jackie - I know the workmanship was great.