Thursday, November 11, 2021

Our Winter home. Las Jaibas Trailer Park

 Thought I'd take a walk around the RV park, this is One of our bougainvilleas blooming. Amazing what water will do. 

There are a lot of these in bloom around the campground. 

This is one of the nicest spaces in the park. Looks like a garden site. That is us behind the bushes.
looking towards the front of the park the south side sites. There is one RV way up there. 
There are a lot of boats stored here now. Some because the owners wanted to get them out of the water before Hurricane Pamela came. This is the middle row near the restrooms.
More construction on the north side of the park. Looks like apartments. The fence is gone and lots of dirt on the campground side. 
Another pretty flowering bush. 

The office never changes. The WiFi is working this year.  But all the TelMex cables that served the sites on the north side and the back are GONE . They were removed/cut during the construction of the two new restaurants. 

Out front and just to the right of the entrance is this seafood and sushi restaurant. It is actually on the RV park ground.
The inside of it. I've heard it is good and it seems to do a pretty good business. 
Next to it before the Kiosko is a Taco Time.
Just past the Kiosko and the little restaurant that has been there for years is this big new Farmacia
In the middle divider is the bike path. In the street are the little yellow bumps to remind drivers the bike path is there. I've noticed a couple of bikes come into the street without seeming to look first. Careful. 
Walking back to the back  more boats. down the middle. 
Closer look at the new construction. pretty much makes the north row of sites unusable. 

And that's the tour of Las Jaibas our winter home. Paying at a monthly rate it comes to about US$15 a day - includes electricity 30 amp. Restrooms are very well kept. Spaces are large and level. A block from the beach and lots of public transportation.  In a week or so hopefully there will be more rigs here. I forgot to take a picture of the swimming pool and lounge area around it. As always it is very pretty and well maintained. 
Bill took the drone up to take a video of the park. You can see the jeep getting its new radiator then the front of the park. The new restaurants are by the cell tower in the front. 
The rest of the video showing all the work that has been done around the park. New building everywhere. 

So that is it for today. Oh, a 5th wheel just pulled in here in back. Hope they'll be here for a while. 


SandyM said...

Thank you for the tour and Bill for the videos. Enjoyed having a look around the RV Park. Can you enter the restaurants from the park
or do you have to go out onto the street and then enter?

Wanted to mention how beautiful your photos are of the restaurant you visited yesterday. I especially like the photo of the Catrina.

Doug and Nancy said...

Videos are great Bill! Makes us feel like we are there....almost! Enjoy!

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - Bill likes any chance he gets to use the drones. You have to go to the sidewalk outside of the park to enter the restaurants. Thank you, it is hard to take a bad picture at La Martina.
Doug and Nancy - Bill says thank you. Almost isn't as good as "are there." Come down.