Thursday, November 18, 2021

62 mile round trip today

This morning when we got up it was such a beautiful morning we decided we needed to take a road trip. So where else but the beautiful little town of El Quelite just 31 miles north east of Mazatlan. We were curious about the road there as it is a detour. The bridge on the 15 free road was washed out by the hurricane. So here is Google Maps directions. We stay in the Las Jaibas Trailer park in northern Mazatlan. I wondered about the loop just off the toll road that goes west??
We got on the 15D heading north. At about KM 24 we saw the signs for El Quelite. 
Several of them.  And yes you will go past Marmol. 
You can see the toll booth in the distance, if you reach it you went too far.  Pretty well marked though. 
Once on the turn off you quickly make a turn to the left!?  That's okay. Just follow the road back over the toll road and on towards Marmol. 
It is quite a ways, any way longer than I thought it would be, before you reach Marmol. It is through the arch. 
To continue to El Quelite you will go to the right heading east . 
Eventually going back over the 15D. 
The scenery is very green and the road completely paved. 
When you start seeing homes and farms slow down as you will soon find several topes when approaching the little town on the 15 libre. I can't remember its name. But here you turn left and continue to the turn off to El Quelite. 
The bougainvillea are blooming like crazy and lots of farming going on.

Well I can't remember how to add a YouTube video so it looks okay. So here it is any way. I edited the video, removing all the just driving along the road so it is much shorter then the time it took to drive it. But it shows all the turns and topes. If you want to view it in full screen click here. 
A few more topes beyond the arch when you enter the town. 
We got there a little after nine o'clock and it wasn't busy at all. Will do pictures of the town tomorrow. Lots to go through. 

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