Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Friends and errands

Continuing yesterdays outing. Walking back towards Plazuela Machado after having breakfast. There were two cruise ships in so lots of tours going on. The vendor was selling baskets, hats  and purses. But the group was listening to their guide. 
These are brave people. Don't think I'd want to be on one of these in Mazatl├ín's traffic. Besides that I'd probably just fall over. 
Finally got a good picture of these. The other night they didn't show up really well. The one on the left is UGLY. 
We were so glad to this old friend. Didn't see him last year, but then we weren't out and about much either. He is a strolling singer and guitar player. We've known him for years. Their standing joke is Bill pays him not to sing and play.
Beautiful old home. A couple of years ago we met the owner and he gave us a tour of the inside. Oh my it was lovely. Now there are some shops on the ground floor.
Walking towards the watchmaker. I think this building has been repainted. Looks good. 
Look at the grins on their faces. Problem with watch has been solved. It will be fixed and ready by next week. 
Then around the corner to Bill's favorite candy shop. The copper kettle is used to candy coat peanuts. He loves them. No cooking going on at this time. But he did buy a few packages that were cooked earlier. 
Lots and lots of yummy things for sale in here beside all kinds of candied nuts. The girls selling remember him and are always glad to see him. 
Not sure what this is.
Past the main plaza. 
To the Optician. Broke the frame on my glasses again, this time don't think it can be fixed. They are only about 25 years old! So will go back another day and pick out some new frames. 
Heading back towards the car. This ice cream stand has been in the same place run by the same family for over 80 years. 
Hanging gardens of Mazatlan. The sign was tied to the end of some branches that were hanging down from the top of a building. 
Looks like they have been growing for some time. You can see the sign by the car
Back in Willie on our way home. By then it was getting HOT out. Had enough of walking around. New painting on wall of this building. 
Newly painted crosswalk in Olas Altas. 
Oops! they are still painting crosswalks. No warning - just cars swerving into your lane. 
And on to home. Another beautiful day in Mazatlan. 
Last night I actually cooked dinner. First time since we left home...either been going out or eating salad. We had breaded chicken tenders and asparagus with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and roasted peppers. Better than restaurant. 
Today we took another day trip. 


Dirk Digler said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Love the Bill pictures. Love all your pictures. I’m thankful that I found your site. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to include us readers. Love your musings. Dirk

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Mazatlan thru your photos. You always find such neat things. Hmm that looks like a different watch repair place than the one we went to, maybe get me the directions from the candy shop. No rush.

Colin does the same thing with that strolling guitarist but truly because he plays poorly - well at least to Colin its bad. I don't mind it.

You have found some really neat new paces to have breakfast at. Hopefully we will be there sooner than later.

Carol and Bill said...

Dirk - thank you very much.
Hi Contessa - hope things are working out for you guys. That is the same watchmaker as before. Same place. From candy place walk towards Machado and turn right at first corner. He is just past the driveway. Hope you get here sooner rather than later.

Kathy Tycho said...

I really can't understand why anyone likes the skulls, they are just creepy to me. I read every post even if I don't comment..thanks!