Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Road Trip Breakfast at La Martina

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was up early enough to see another beautiful sunrise. Header picture. 

Bill had been up a bit when he asked, "Want to go to La Martina for breakfast." Well, of course. So off we went. When we got to the free road 15 saw these big signs. One advertising the hotel and restaurant in La Noria and the one on the left telling you to turn around and go back to the toll rod to get to El Quelite as the free road is still closed because of the bridge that got washed out during the hurricane. 

Also in part due to the hurricane and wet weather during the summer it is so green here this year. And all kinds of flowers are blooming along the roads. 
Part of the road to La Noria, and La Martina, has been repaved and widened. Nice. See all the green.
Turning in to La Martina the cactus fence is flourishing too. 
As beautiful as ever. 
We like to sit on the back area. This covered area didn't have any vines on it when we left here in February. Things grow so lush and fast here. 
Looking down across the big yard to the forest beyond. 
We like to sit at the table right up against the edge of the area looking down over the lawn.
View from our table. 
Bill had American coffee I had Olla, Mexican coffee. Always bring tortilla chips and sweet potato chip and cheese made in the area. And of course dip. 
Bill relaxing and enjoying the scenery.
More trees and flowers have been planted along the lawn and by the two buildings. 
Another look at the lawn. So green. What a beautiful place for events. 
A little bit of new waiter and language difficulties when ordering our breakfast. So we ended up with a whole lot to eat.  Bills meal. 
My meal, it comes with a spicy sausage that is just too hot for me to eat so asked if something could be substituted for it. Have done that before usually getting a small portion of fruit instead of sausage.  As I said a  bit of miscommunication. Instead of sausage I got a pulled chicken dish that was delicious. Bottom of dish. I ate everything on the plate (except for the beans.)
But we also got an entire fruit, yogurt, granola plate. It in itself is an entire breakfast. I managed to eat a whole lot of it too. 
Was rather full when we left. 
Walked down around the lawn. Just some pictures from down there. While I was taking pictures Bill was talking to Maria, the owner. She says things are very busy here especially on weekends. Every one working there is well and made it through the summer. 
Just a strange plant. The only flower on it. 

Another fence of cactus. 
Looking back at the restaurant. Can't you just imagine a bride coming down those steps. 

I live the tiles on the steps. 
Pictures from inside the patio area of the restaurant. 

Beautiful floor. There used to be tables in this area. 
Heading back out to the highway the bougainvilleas are beautiful.
As always a great meal and beautiful place. Such a nice way to spend a morning. We didn't continue on to La Noria or go to the tequila distillery. Will do that another day. Spent the afternoon at home then went out to the look out point by the light house to watch the sunset. Another post. Enjoying our time here, just wish it would cool down a little and that the humidity will soon go down. Then we'll be able to spend more time out and about. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Yippee!! "WE" got to go out for breakfast! It's just as beautiful as always!Thanks Carol. Made my day!!

Say hi to Raphael for us.

gumo said...

Beautiful and inspiring! Makes me want to there for the winter. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!

Michael & Lorie said...

Wonderful Post. Your pictures are great!

Grandma on the Road said...

How are businesses doing financially with the pandemic? I imagine the lack of tourists really hurt them last winter. Hope they will make up for it this coming winter.


Dirk Digler said...

It’s rainy and cloudy...chilly too.... here on the Kitsap peninsula in NW Washington. Your post made me .....feel the warmth....taste the food..get to see the back of Bill.......enjoy ordering and mishaps...seeing the beauty....and smelling the air! Thank you! Thank you!

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - come on down, would love to see you.
Gumo -thanks you know I love to share, sometimes too much.
Michael and Lorie - are you guys on your way down here? Or going further.
Judy - There are more restaurants open and new than last spring. Lots of tourist shops too. We haven't done any walking around yet - too hot for me - but things look busy. 4 cruise ships a week are coming in now. This week 12,000 people on them.
Dirk - Trying to get more pictures of Bill. And it sure is pretty here. Glad you enjoy it.