Sunday, November 7, 2021

Plazuela Machado for dinner Friday night.

Thursday was kind of put things together day and find things we had tucked away so they could travel okay. We did go out to dinner Thursday night at the Villa Italia in the Golden Zone. Excellent meal as always. Another in bed by 9:30 night. 

Friday we were still puttering around inside and outside, but planned on going to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and to listen to Rafael sing and play. Forgot how heavy Friday night traffic could be. Heading along the Malecon to Centro Historico. Lots of lights. And a lot of people walking and biking along the Malecon. Good to see that. Last year it was so empty here. 

Parked a block from the Machado. I love the old buildings here. I guess trees can grow anywhere,. 
The decorations for Day of the Dead were still up so had to walk around and take pictures. You can climb the steps and be part of the butterfly. 
The back of one of the decorations. 
Her front. She was quite tall. 
Not sure where the door led, didn't go to look. Lots and lots of  people some with masks and some without.
More decorations, this one was pretty big. too. 
She was hard to get a good picture of as the lights kept changing color or brightness. This is her back.
Her front
The gazebo also had decorations, but couldn't get a good picture of them. So glad we got to see them before they were taken down. 
Here is Bill and our friends John and Shirley from Idaho. We met up with them in San Carlos. They are on their way further south to Aticama. 
We had dinner at the Italian restaurant in the Plaza. Just a shot of the crowd and the buildings. A while later the restaurant was full. Don't ever remember seeing that many people eating there. It was the first Friday of the month and Art Walk night so lots of people there. 
We went mostly to listen to Rafael sing and play. And to go out on a beautiful night. Though it was still to warm and humid for me to walk around much. Did notice there were some new vendors set up around the plaza. Will have to check them out next time we go. 
Short video - turn your sound on. There is some background noise but hope you can hear him okay. 

Yesterday, Saturday, we stayed home. Worked on getting the Internet set up, registered and working. And boy does it work - fast and can be used all over Mexico. Wireless router with Telcel. $20US a month for 100 GBs. Also RV tech Eric came and did some work on John's 5th wheel and fixed our two drawers that got screwed up when the water heater fixer took them out. The sliders got pulled loose. He also checked why our front door sticks - hinges are loose. Will return one day to fix it. Didn't even go out to eat! To hot and humid to go out and walk around much. No plans for today yet. 


Evie said...

Hi, I'm wondering if you could give me a quick recap on your internet hotspot. Did you take a device with you and just get a new sim card or did you get it there in Mexico? I crossed paths with you in Mazatlan in 2019 but I hadn't found your blog yet so didn't know to walk over to visit, even though I was in the same rv park. Maybe someday I might get there again.

Carol and Bill said...

Evie - This year for the first time we got a wireless telcel router.It is supposed to work where ever a telcel signal is available. Just went into a large telcel client service center to get it. Only problem is you have to sign up for a two year contract.
We used to have a telmex cable modem but over the past summer our cable was cut when a couple of new buildings went up The telmex infinitum was unlimited data.
the Telcel right now has 100 GBs of data a month. Not sure if we can watch very much TV with that.